Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 6pm at the Euroa Community Conference Centre.

Public Question Time

Questions for the Ordinary Council Meeting can be submitted and will be read out by the Mayor during the Public Question Time component of the meeting and responded to in the usual way by Councillors and/or Officers. Questions must be submitted by noon on the day of the meeting by emailing or submitting your questions online here.

Council Meetings

The next monthly meeting of Council is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 20 September 2022 at the Euroa Community Conference Centre, commencing at 6pm

Agendas for meetings are available on Council’s website on the Friday prior to the meeting

You will be able to view the Council meeting livestream below once started

All Council meetings can be watched in retrospect on our YouTube channel Strathbogie Shire Council.

Here at the Strathbogie Shire Council we are committed to keeping the public informed and up to date on what is happening around the Shire and within Council.

Recent Agendas and Minutes

Council Meeting 20/09/2022

Agenda for Council Meeting 20/09/2022

Urgent Business for Council Meeting 20/09/22

Item 9.1.1_Attachment 1_P2022-049 Delegate Report

Item 9.1.1_Attachment 2_P2022-049 Plan for Endorsement

Item 9.1.2_Attachment 1_Draft Planning Permit Applications Referral to Council Policy

Item 9.1.2_Attachment 2_Planning Permit Applications Referral to Council_Policy Impact Assessment Tool

Item 9.1.3_Attachments 1-3_Applications_Received_Determined

Item 9.2.1_Attachments 1-2_Community Action Group Funding

Item 9.2.2_Attachment 1_Draft Public Art Policy

Item 9.2.2_Attachment 2_Engagement Report – Public Art Policy

Item 9.2.2_Attachment 3_Public Art Policy and Procedure_Policy Impact Assessment Tool

Item 9.2.4_Attachments 1-2_Christmas Decorations Grant 2022

Item 9.2.5_Attachment 1_Municipal Building Control Intervention Policy

Item 9.2.5_Attachment 2_Municipal Building Control Prevention Policy_Policy Impact Assessment Tool

Item 9.4.1_Attachment 1_S11A_Instrument of Appointment and Authorisation_PEA 1987

Item 9.4.1_Attachment 2_S11B_Instrument of Appointment and Authorisation_EPA 2017

Item 9.4.2_Attachment 1_RCTP Letter of Offer – Mansfield Shire Council

Item 9.4.2_Attachment 2_Final Draft Memorandum of Understanding RCTP

Item 9.4.3_Attachment 1_Draft Financial Statements 2021-22

Item 9.4.4_Attachment 1_Draft Performance Statement 2021-22

Item 9.4.4_Attachment 2_Governance and Management Checklist

Item 9.6.1_Attachment 1_Guidelines – Community Panel

Item 9.6.2_Attachment 1_AICD_Councillor Conference and Training Attendance Form_Laura Binks

Item 9.6.2_Attachment 2_AICD_Company Directors Course Online

Item 9.6.3_Attachment 1_Community Engagement Policy

Item 9.6.3_Attachment 2_Community Engagement Policy_Policy Impact Assessment Tool

Item 9.6.4_Attachment 1_Vic Gov Top Five – AdvocacyAsk

Item 9.6.4_Attachment 2_SSC_AdvocacyAsk

Council Meeting 16/08/2022

Agenda for Council Meeting 16/08/2022

Minutes of Council Meeting 16/08/2022

Item 9.2.1_Attachment 1_Avenel Community Plan 2022-2026

Item 9.2.5_Attachment 1_2022-23 Community Grants Program – Applications Recommended for Funding

Item 9.2.6_Attachment 1_Climate Change Action Plan

Item 9.2.6_Attachment 2_Climate Change Action Plan Engagement Report

Item 9.2.7_Attachment 1_Goulburn Broken IWM Forum SDS

Item 9.2.8_Attachment 1_Draft Submission_Victorian Transmission Investment Framework

Item 9.2.9_Attachment 1_Draft Tree Management Plan

Item 9.4.2_Attachment 1_Instrument of Delegation_Waterway Manager to Members of Council Staff

Item 9.6.1_Attachment 1_Draft Advocacy Strategy

Item 9.6.1_Attachment 2_Strathbogie Shire Council_AdvocacyAsk

Item 9.6.2_Attachment 1_Community Satisfaction Survey 2022

Item 9.6.2_Attachment 2_2022 Community Satisfaction Survey_Response

Council Meeting 19/07/22

Agenda for Council Meeting 19/07/22

Minutes of Council Meeting 19/07/22

Item 9.1.1: Attachment 1 – P2022-002 Officer Planning Report

Item 9.1.1: Attachment 2 – P2022-002 Plans for Endorsement

Item 9.1.2: Attachment 1 – P2021-005 Officer Planning Report

Item 9.1.3: Attachment 1 – P2021-102 Officer Planning Report

Item 9.1.4: Attachment 1 – P2021-103 Officer Planning Report

Item 9.1.5: Attachment 1 – P2021-231 Officer Planning Report

Item 9.1.6: Attachment 1 –  P2021-170 Officer Planning Report

Extraordinary Council Meeting 28/06/22
Council Meeting 21/06/22
Extraordinary Council Meeting 07/06/22
Council Meeting 17/05/22
Council Meeting 19/04/22
Council Meeting 15/03/22
Council Meeting 15/02/22
Extraordinary Council Meeting 01/02/22
Council Meeting 14/12/21
Council Meeting 16/11/21
Annual Statutory Council Meeting 16/11/21
Extraordinary Council Meeting 26/10/21
Council Meeting 19/10/21
Council Meeting 21/09/21
Extraordinary Council Meeting 31/08/21
Council Meeting 17/08/21
Extraordinary Council Meeting 10/08/21
Council Meeting 20/07/21
Extraordinary Council Meetings 29/06/21
Council Meeting 15/06/21
Extraordinary Council Meetings 08/06/21
Council Meeting 18/05/21
Extraordinary Council Meeting 11/05/21
Council Meeting 20/04/21
Council Meeting 16/03/21
Council Meeting 16/02/21
Council Meeting 19/01/21
Council Meeting 15/12/20
Statutory Council Meeting 17/11/20
Ordinary Council Meeting 20/10/20
Ordinary Council Meeting 15/09/20
Special Council Meeting 08/09/20
Special Council Meeting 25/08/20
Ordinary Council Meeting 18/08/20
Special Council Meeting 04/08/20

Live stream recording of Special Council Meeting 04/08/20

Ordinary Council Meeting 21/07/20

Live stream recording of Ordinary Council Meeting 21/07/20

Special Council Meeting 14/07/20

Live stream recording of Special Council Meeting 14/7/2020

Special Council Meeting 16/06/20

Live stream recording of Special Council Meeting 16/6/20

Ordinary Council Meeting 16/06/20

Live stream recording of Ordinary Council Meeting 16/6/20 pt 1

Live stream recording of Ordinary Council Meeting 16/6/20 pt 2

Live stream recording of Ordinary Council Meeting 16/6/20 pt 3

Ordinary Council Meeting 19/05/20

Live stream recording of Ordinary Council Meeting 19/05/20

Special Council Meeting 27/04/20

Live stream recording of Special Council Meeting 27/4/20

Ordinary Council Meeting 21/04/20

Live stream recoding of Ordinary Council Meeting 21/04/20

Special Council Meeting 31/03/20
Ordinary Council Meeting 17/03/20
Ordinary Council Meeting 18/02/20


If you would like to view older Council Meeting Minutes or Agendas, please email a request to