Strathbogie Shire is rich with history, from beautiful architecture to tales of Ned Kelly travelling the area.

Indigenous History

Much of the Strathbogie Shire is on Taungurung Country which is supported by the Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC). Taungurung people are the Traditional Owners of a large part of central Victoria and lived on this Country for more than a thousand generations. Life before European invasion was characterised by a strong, ritually expressed connection to Country, with a number of clans making up the Taungurung ‘wurrung’ (language group) or First Nation. When settler society spread from Melbourne to Taungurung Country, the Taungurung people’s occupation of and unique connection with the land was seriously diminished. The Taungurung, along with all other Victorian First Nation peoples, were profoundly impacted and were for well over a century rendered powerless and largely invisible by the prejudice and ignorance of settler society.

Today, Taungurung people are recovering a sense of shared identity, common purpose and cultural vitality. They are embarked upon an intentional journey to reclaim their culture, assert their history, revitalise their language and embrace their rightful involvement as custodians of the Taungurung lands. Evidence of scar trees, rock wells, rock art, cultural artefacts and place names all indicate that Taungurung people have been in this part of Victoria for many thousands of years. There is currently a strong emphasis on facilitating the return of Taungurung people to reside on their traditional estate.

The Taungurung sovereign flag, designed by Taungurung Elder Loraine Padgham and launched on 7 May 2021, symbolises the reassertion of the identity and pride of the Taungurung people. A sovereign flag was kindly donated to Strathbogie Shire Council and was raised alongside the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags at Council’s offices in Binney Street during NAIDOC Week in 2021.

An historic agreement with the State Government was reached in 2018 to recognise the Traditional Owner rights of the Taungurung people after many years of dispossession and denial. The Recognition and Settlement Agreement provides a range of rights and benefits by which Taungurung people can provide a strong future for their children, and it is an avenue for their culture and relationship to Country to be recognised, safeguarded and promoted. The agreement also grants native title rights to Crown land on Taungurung Country and provides mechanisms for land management, economic development and recognition into the future.

In 2021, Strathbogie Shire Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the TLaWC.

The MoU will ensure compliance with legislation, reducing Council’s risk exposure and most importantly strengthening the relationship with first peoples, and the Traditional Owners of Taungurung Country.

Discover Explorers Way

Download: Discover Explorers Way Brochure

Follow the path forged by explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell and Major Thomas Mitchell throughout Strathbogie Shire. The journey will take you through Nagambie, Major Creek, Mitchellstown, Violet Town, Euroa, Longwood, Avenel and Nagambie.

Military History

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Strathbogie Shire has an abundance of military history with accompanying monuments and sites to visit and pay your respects. Our war memorials offer special insights into local history and heroism. Each small town has their own stories of sacrifice, determination and devotion to duty. We invite you to experience these insights firsthand and see how our communities have been shaped from the stories. While enjoying this rich military history you’ll also get the opportunity to experience gorgeous scenery, fantastic food and wine and a thriving arts scene.

Ned Kelly

There are many tales throughout the Strathbogie Shire of connections to Ned Kelly. From Ned’s infamous bank robbery in Euroa, to his family roots in Avenel, there are lots of different areas to explore the legend of the Kelly gang. The Strathbogie Shire falls in the Official Ned Kelly Touring Route which tells one of Australia’s most, powerful tales – that of Ned Kelly and his Gang. You can dip your toe into the Ned Kelly story in a day or take the time to explore the many sites over a number of days.

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