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Registering your pool and/or spa

To improve backyard pool and spa safety and reduce drowning accidents at home, the Victorian Government introduced new laws and regulations on 1 December 2019. The legislation introduces new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners.

All swimming pools and spas capable of containing water to a depth greater than 300mm (30cm) must have a compliant safety barrier to restrict access to the pool area by young children (under the age of five). This includes permanent pools, above ground pools, indoor pools, hot tubs, bathing or wading pools and some relocatable pools.

What is required?

If you own a property in Strathbogie Shire that has a pool or spa, you need to register it with us by completing an application form and paying a once-off registration fee of $34.20 to our Customer Service Team.

You can submit your completed application form via the following methods:

  • Email to info@strathbogie.vic.gov.au
  • Post to PO Box 177, Euroa Victoria 3666
  • In person at either customer service centre:
    • 109A Binney Street, Euroa
    • 293 High Street, Nagambie

Please note a fee is also payable when submitting your application. This can be paid in person at either customer service centres or by calling us on 1800 065 993.

After registration

Once your pool and/or spa has been registered, our Building Department will write to you informing you of the applicable safety barrier standard and the date that a certificate of compliance is required.

Certificate of Compliance

As part of the new legislation, pool and spa owners are required to have their safety barrier inspected by a registered building surveyor, building inspector or pool inspection officer. The inspector will advise you if your safety barrier complies with the current standards and will issue you with either a certificate of compliance or a notice directing you to carry out required works to bring it up to compliance standards. If you fail to bring your barrier up to specified standards you will be issued with a non-compliance certificate and may receive an infringement.

Once you receive your Certificate of Compliance you are required to lodge it with Council within the specified timeframe and pay the prescribed lodgment fee of $21.90.

The due date to submit a Certificate of Compliance will depend on when your pool or spa was built.

Extension to pool compliance certificates

The Victorian Government has provided a further seven months for pool owners to submit their Certificate of Compliance to Councils. Owners of permanent existing pools only must now submit their compliance certificates before the following dates:

  • Certificates due 1 November 2022 are now due 1 June 2023
  • Certificates due 1 November 2023 are now due 1 June 2024

Decommissioning of Pools/Spas

Want to know more?

The Victorian Building Authority website is a great source of accurate information to help you ensure your pool and spas are meeting regulations.

Council’s Building Department is also happy to assist with any enquiries you may have about your pool and/or spa. You can call us on 1800 065 993.