Opening hours
For transfer stations

The opening hours of the Waste Transfer Stations are varied to give ratepayers different time frames for disposal. The Waste Transfer Stations are not open on days of Total Fire Ban or Catastrophic fire danger days.


Planning Your Visit

  • A maximum of 4m3 can be disposed of per household/vehicle per day. If you need to dispose of a larger quantity of materials, please contact Council to discuss disposal options.
  • Green waste may be deposited at the appropriate Transfer Stations for the standard tipping fee. This material is mulched on site and made available free of charge for residents. Residents that wish to take free green waste must self-load the material and it is taken at your own risk. The mulch quality varies from time-to-time and is not guaranteed by Council.
  • Commercial Quantities: all loads and materials will be inspected by our Transfer Station Operators. All Operators have the right of refusal for non-compliant materials, or materials that may be considered a commercial quantity.
  • Council does not accept bricks, concrete, clean fill or tiles at any of Transfer Station sites.
  • Tyres: a maximum of six tyres will be accepted per disposal.

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