It’s the Australian way to lend a hand in times of trouble, but in the aftermath of a natural disaster it is important to remember that the best thing people can do is stay away from affected areas. In the first instance, trained emergency services personnel will be busy responding to immediate threats, assessing damage and deciding on the best course of relief action. Clean-up and recovery processes are often long and complex and will take place over the weeks and months that follow.

Helpful information:
  • Volunteering in an emergency
  • Register.Find.Reunite is a service that registers, finds and reunites family, friends and loved ones after an emergency. If you choose to leave, please register online, or at a relief centre. Use ‘Register’ to let people know you are safe. Use ‘Find’ to look for people you know may be affected by an emergency. ‘Reunite’ is a matching process that can connect family, friends and loved ones.

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