Council offers its residents a weekly organic waste (food and garden waste) collection service and a fortnightly landfill waste (rubbish) and recycling collection service. Annual charges are added on to rates notices of all properties receiving the collection services. Properties within township areas of the shire receive compulsory organic waste, garbage and recycling collection services. These collection services are optional for properties located outside of township areas. The provision of a 120 litre Mobile Organics Bin, 120 litre Mobile Garbage Bin and a 240 litre Mobile Recycling Bin is incorporated into the collection service charges. These bins remain the property of Council and must remain at the property address they are allocated to.

Check your bin day

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Collection Days

  • Monday: Euroa Township
  • Tuesday: Earlston, Euroa (outskirts of township only), Gooram, Kelvin View, Kithbrook, Miepoll, Moglenemby, Sheans Creek, Strathbogie, Violet Town.
  • Wednesday: No Collections
  • Thursday: Arcadia South, Avenel, Bailieston, Goulburn Weir, Kirwans Bridge, Locksley, Longwood, Longwood East, Mangalore, Nagambie (outskirts of township only), Tabilk, Wahring.
  • Friday: Nagambie Township

Collection Calendars

These handy calendars will help keep you on track with which bin goes out each week. If you are unsure which area you live in, our online mapping can tell you.

Click on the links below to download the calendar for your area:

Things to remember:

  • Please put your bins out on the roadside the night before your allocated collection day
  • Ensure your bins are not overfilled
  • Place your bins at least 1m apart to enable automated collection
  • Ensure your bins are placed clear of any obstructions (parked cars, trees, power poles etc.)
  • Collection trucks cannot manoeuvre adequately to collect bins around “court bowls”. If you live at the end of a court, please place your bins along the straight section of the road.