ARTBOX has officially launched!

The travelling exhibition space, promoting professional and emerging artists and makers, is an exciting and innovative way to connect community and visitors to our region through Arts and Culture. It provides opportunities for regional and remote communities in the Shire to create, experience and engage with arts and culture.

ARTBOX is a mobile, professional exhibition space that welcomes proposals from artists, designers, festivals, curators, community and cultural groups in all art forms including but not limited to; visual arts, sculpture, craft, design, digital media, architectural installations, performance, literary arts, installation/ site specific works, fashion and cultural heritage projects that display innovative ideas and approaches.

Council’s aim is to provide a diverse and engaging annual exhibition program containing a mix of Council run exhibitions, local artists and art groups as well as some visiting and out of area artists.

ARTBOX is being brought to Strathbogie Shire with Creative Victoria grant funding.

More information
Arts and Culture Officer
T: 1800 065 993

Don’t forget to read the ARTBOX Conditions of Hire, which contains further information and photos of the space.

Expressions of interest from artists, curators, arts groups and organisations to take part in ARTBOX are now open for the 2023/24 exhibition schedule.

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Expressions of Interest
Exhibition Schedule
ARTBOX will be at the following locations:
  • Euroa  |  July – September 2023
  • Avenel | October – November 2023
  • Nagambie | December 2023 – March 2024
  • Strathbogie | April – June 2024
  • Violet Town | July – September 2024
  • Ruffy | October – November 2024

It is anticipated that the ARTBOX will also be placed in Violet Town, Longwood and Ruffy. Dates for these towns will be scheduled in 2025 and beyond.

Current Exhibition - The Art Fair Murders by Dr Peter Hill

Dr Peter Hill (PhD) is an artist, writer, and independent curator. He is an Honorary Enterprise Professor at the VCA, University of Melbourne.

Euroa-based, Glasgow-born Australian artist Dr Peter Hill will showcase an interesting take – creating a fictional art fair booth in the space throughout November – entitled The Art Fair Murders.

“One of my ongoing Superfictions, dating back to 1994, involves creating fictional art fair booths,” Dr Hill explained.

“Commercial art fairs have gained in popularity since the first one in Cologne, in 1967. These are held mostly in large trades halls and conference centres, such as “Jeff’s Shed” in Melbourne, or the old Navy Piers in Chicago.

“Like boat shows or home shows, they usually only last for five days. They are all about money. As soon as an artwork is sold, it is replaced by another – understandable, as some of these booths at international fairs can cost as much as $80,000 to hire. And gallery dealers have to transport their artworks across oceans and continents, at jaw-dropping expense.”

Dr Hill said he also enjoyed contrasting the politics of the art fair with those of the museum, where some gallery hangs go unchanged for years.

“I also allow the novelist and pulp fiction side of my character to emerge by speculating that there is a serial killer loose in the art world, in 1989, the great year of revolutions, killing a different art world personality in each of the twelve months,” he said.

“Be confused. You may find yourself entering an art installation and leaving a novel.”

  • The Art Fair Murders
  • Jubilee Park, Avenel
  • November 3 – November 28

Past Exhibition - Water Marks by Nomad Art Collections

This presentation looks at the diverse ways artists explore the notion of water.

The works are drawn from artists nationally and range from depictions of the sea, living water in the desert, ceremonial associations and environmental perspectives.

Water Marks includes a selection of screenprints, etchings and linocuts.

The artists include Candy Nakamarra – Central Australia, Helicopter Joe Tjungurrayi – Great Sandy Desert, Bawaka Yunupingu – East Arnhem Land, Laurie Nona – Far North Queensland, Ezarahia Kelly – West Arnhem Land, John Wolseley ­– Bendigo, and Winsome Jobling – Darwin.

Nomad Art Collections (Nomad Art) is an art gallery and workshop based in Avenel, Victoria. The Avenel facility features a gallery show room and studio which is available for art workshops and events.

Past Exhibition - Nic Everist

Nic Everist is a landscape artist working out of her studio in Geelong. Endlessly inspired by her travels and explorations, Nic loves to visit new places, discover new landscapes and delve into the stories behind them. With this series, Nic revisits her old stomping
ground, the Strathbogie Region, where she grew up on her family farm along the Seven Creeks.

Nic has always been inspired by the tall gums and flora on her family farm, having been exposed to this at a young age through her father’s regeneration projects spending hours on end planting nature corridors along the Seven Creeks.

This series is inspired by the natural vegetation of the area, learning the names of the different flora and celebrating the ecosystems that have existed for hundreds of years. In this series, Nic applies techniques that have been used since the beginning of her practice, specifically fluid pouring to replicate the textures in nature, such as the bark, trees and shrubs. The unpredictable nature of pouring reflects the chaotic design of nature itself and each piece draws in the viewer to look a little closer at the details, to slow down and notice the fine marks created, and in turn, notice those fine details in their own environments. Each piece celebrates species native to the Strathbogie Region and through sharing her own learnings of the flora the viewers will also have the opportunity to learn about the native species as well.

August 31 – September 26

ARTBOX, Seven Creeks Park

Past exhibition - Open Spaces by Ann Cremean

Open Space is a series of works created in 2022/23 in response to the natural environment by artist Ann Cremean. The shapes of rocks, colours of fungi, mosses small details of plants – the works in ‘Open Space’ are abstracted shapes taken from and inspired by the bush.

Open Spaces will show at ARTBOX in the Seven Creeks Park, Euroa which can be viewed by the public 24/7 through the glass pane windows.

The exhibition’s soundtrack loop will be accessible by QR code on a window decal. So viewers will be able to interact by playing this through their own device.

For more information on the artist, visit:

Open Spaces is showing at:

ARTBOX, Seven Creeks Park, Euroa

Past Exhibition - Gaanbona by Luruk-In

Luruk-In presents ‘Gaanbona’, a colorful and bold body of work from Aimee McCartney’s first solo exhibition. It explores Aimee’s ancestral ties and memories of country in dynamic colour, intricate patterns and bold designs invoking a feeling of joy and positivity.

For more information on the artist visit: 

Ganboona is showing at:

ARTBOX, Seven Creeks Park, Euroa