In 2021 Strathbogie Shire Council became the 100th Council in Australia to declare a Climate Emergency and just the third to pass this Notice of Motion unanimously.

The Strathbogie Shire is a significant environmental region, with many species of native flora specific to the area being listed as endangered (14 per cent), vulnerable (6 per cent) or depleted (24 per cent) based on the findings of the Ecological Vegetation Class report (2005).

This problem is only set to increase as the climate becomes hotter and drier, making the Strathbogie Shire area’s climate more like Griffith or Dubbo in New South Wales, rather than the regular Victorian climate we have grown used to.

Council and our community are passionate about sustaining our environment and protecting the special place we call home for future generations; this is shown by the adoption of the ‘Climate Change Action Plan 2022-2027’ in August 2022. View initiatives of the plan below:

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What is Council doing?

Climate action initiatives

Initiatives Status
Work with our partner organisations to update Roadside Management Plan to reflect best practice for protecting biodiversity. Pending
Review our current species list for planting to ensure that it still fit for purpose and climate appropriate. In Progress
Water: Undertake and support water use audits, retrofits, integrate rainwater and water re-use principles into operations and guidelines for parks and gardens, recreation areas, toilets, truck wash facilities, street tree watering and other identified users. Pending
Electricity: Determine Council's biggest electricity users and plan for solar installation at these sites over the next five years. In Progress
Waste: Prioritise the use of recycled products (this should happen automatically if the cost is less than 10 per cent)Pending
Water: Investigate and trial recycled water options for street treesPending
Water: Continue to support Greening Euroa to get it ready to go to tender once funding has been secured.In Progress
Investigate permeable concrete options for footpaths and other uses Pending
Undertake an 'Active & Connected Cycling and Walking Strategy' and review the opportunities and barriers, infrastructure, routes, and social initiatives required for residents and visitors to access a safe and enjoyable lifestyle in Strathbogie Shire.Pending
List all Climate Change Actions on Council's website Completed
Council recognises the primary interest and knowledge of Taungurang Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) in relation to climate change and will work with TLaWC to incorporate this knowledge into Council's Climate Emergency ResponsePending
Sustainable Strathbogie 2030 Plan

Council has already endorsed the Sustainable Strathbogie 2030 plan which has much valuable information and will help us develop our action plan. View plan here

Climate Change Action Plan

Council has endorsed its Climate Change Action Plan 2022-27 after working with our community to understand their priorities and ensure they are represented in our action plan.
Read a copy of the plan here.