If this is the first time you have heard the word Geocaching then you are about to enter a whole new world of outdoor recreational activities. Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon! It is the largest treasure hunt you will ever do, all around the world people hide items known as a Cache.

The game is played through GPS-enabled devices (mobile phones, ipads, computers), seekers will navigate to an area that has a Cache and then try and find the Cache hidden at that location. Caches could be hidden in plastic containers, film canasters, bird houses, fake rocks and so much more. What is inside a Cache will vary, most will contain a log book where you can write your name and/or a note for the host or the next person to find the Cache or you may be lucky and find an item, the rule is if you take an item you have to replace it with something of the same or greater value. If you are lucky you might find a Trackable which are often hidden in the Caches, Trackables have unique codes on them that can be logged on geocaching.com to track where the Trackable travels when people move them from Cache to Cache.

Geocaching is a community full of passionate and adventurous people, they come from all around the world connect with each other to discuss Geocaching. Many people choose their holiday destinations based on Geocaching.

Did you know our Shire has many established Geocaching locations? Caches can be found in Avenel, Euroa, Nagambie, Longwood, Ruffy, Graytown, Strathbogie, Violet Town and surroundings. It is the perfect way to get out and get some exercise with an activity that can be enjoyed with all the family.

To find specific coordinates head to www.geocaching.com