2023-24 Event Grants are now open.

2023-24 Event Grants Guidelines

Event Grant

Submissions are now open.
Submissions close midnight 30 June 2024.
Apply now: https://strathbogie.smartygrants.com.au/EV23_24

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The Event Grants Program provides funding opportunities for events that focus on priorities for Strathbogie Shire Council. An annual program of events within the Shire contributes to the community’s social health, assists to raise awareness of the destination to identified markets, provides economic benefit to local businesses and directly assists to increase the average length of stay of visitors. Strathbogie Shire Council is open to supporting opportunities to attract or develop an event with regional and state significance, relevant to available resources.

Applications are sought for events that:

  • Promote community engagement and participation
  • Support gender equality and social inclusion and improve accessibility
  • Contribute to building healthy and vibrant communities
  • Increase economic development, tourism and the visitor economy

Before you start the Event Grants application, the following items are required:

  • Submit your Event Application Form which includes your certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance ($20 million) and Risk Assessment. Event Application time frames can be found in the Event Policy.
  • Completion of acquittal for any previous Council Funding (if applicable)
  • ABN for auscpicing organisation
  • Letter of Support
  • Bank Account details
  • Items for budget (include quotations, if possible); the budget must balance
  • The 2023/24 Strathbogie Shire Council Sponsorship Program is open for events in Strathbogie Shire taking place before 30 June, 2024. Review the eligibility criteria listed in the Event Grants Guidelines for further information.
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