Emergencies can happen at any time, often with little or no warning. They can pose a threat to people, property, livestock and the environment.
Strathbogie Shire, like most regional and rural municipalities, can experience emergencies such as bushfire, flood and storms.
Being prepared for an emergency is one of the best ways to keep yourself, your family, property and animals safe. Council has prepared the following tips to assist with making sure you’re prepared.

Prepare your home:

  • Clear vegetation and leaf litter from roofs, gutters and immediate surrounds.
  • Find out how to turn off your home’s electricity, gas and water supply.
  • Review your insurance policies to make sure they’re current and adequate.

Make plans:

  • Experience shows that those who plan and prepare for emergencies can reduce the impact of the emergency, and can recover quickly afterwards. For more information about creating your own emergency plan visit the SES website
  • Involve your family and know your neighbours
  • Decide how family members will stay in touch during and after an emergency.
  • Make arrangements for pets to ensure they’ll be safe and have food and water. For more information about preparing your pet for an emergency, visit the RSPCA website.
  • Keeping in touch with your neighbours before, during and after an emergency can help everyone cope. Look out for your neighbours, especially those who may need extra help in an emergency.
  • Stay informed and get help if you need it
  • VicEmergency is the primary site for all emergency warnings and provides one source of information and advice to help people prepare for, respond to, and recover.
  • The app and website shows emergency events in real time on a Google Maps display and access planning and recovery information on fire and flood.
  • Always access more than one source of emergency warnings. For fire warnings this summer, as well as visiting VicEmergency you can check the new FireReady app, check CFA’s Facebook page and Twitter, listen to local radio or ring the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.
Vic Emergency warnings will be issued when an emergency is likely to impact you. They provide you with information on what is happening and the best advice on what you should do.


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