How do I make a Freedom of Information Request?

A request can be made by forwarding the following:

  • A request in writing providing sufficient information for the documents to be identified (e.g. name of report, date range, type of document).
  • You can submit your application by letter, email, or by using the Freedom of Information application form.
  • An application fee of $31.80 will apply, which increases each year on 1 July.

Application fees may be waived in certain circumstances (e.g. for applicants who can demonstrate financial hardship). Forward your request together with the fee to:

Freedom of Information Officer Strathbogie Shire Council, PO Box 177, Euroa, VIC, 3666 OR in person at Strathbogie Shire Council offices, 109A Binney Street, Euroa.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act you will receive a response within 30 days.


Additional charges may apply for:
  • Search time: $23.90 per hour
  • Search and retrieval of documents (Black and White): $23.90 per hour
  • Photocopying: 20 cents per A4 page
  • Supervised inspection of documents: $23.90 per hour
  • Should the estimated charges exceed $50 the applicant will be contacted and asked for a deposit and to confirm that they wish to continue with the request.


Refusal of a Request

Not all documents are eligible for release. The Freedom of Information Act allows an agency to refuse access to certain documents, which are called ‘exempt’ documents. Examples of these documents (and the relevant section of the Freedom of Information Act) include:

  • Some internal working documents – section 30
  • Documents covered by legal professional privilege (such as legal advice – section 32)
  • Documents affecting personal privacy – section 33
  • Documents containing ‘commercial in confidence’ or trade secrets – section 34
  • Information obtained in confidence – section 35
  • Matters considered by Council at a closed meeting – section 38A


What if my Request is Refused?

If you are refused access to documents, or are not satisfied with the decision taken by the Freedom of Information Officer you have the right to apply for a review of your original request to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Commissioner. More information on the role of the FOI Commissioner and how to request a review or make a complaint can be found on the Freedom of Information Commissioner’s website. For additional information visit the Freedom of Information website.


Part II Statement

  • Council is required under the Act to publish a Part II Statement, which outlines:
  • Functions of Council
  • Documents maintained by Council
  • Documents prepared for publication or public inspection
  • Subscriptions and mailing lists
  • Advisory boards and committees
  • Libraries
  • Download a copy of Council’s Part II Statement here