For many of us, pets are an important part of the family. However, if you do have a dog or cat, it’s important you’re aware of your responsibilities.

You may be fined or prosecuted if:

  • Your dog is found wandering outside your premises
  • You encourage or cause your dog to attack, bite, worry or chase a person or another animal
  • Your dog or cat is a nuisance, or you fail to comply with a court notice ordering you to stop the cat or dog being a nuisance (this includes persistent barking)
  • Your dog or cat wanders onto private property without the owner’s permission on more than one occasion and a warning has been issued by Council
  • You allow any part of the animal’s excrement to remain on any road, street, nature strip, reserve, public or Council land
  • You don’t take responsibility for damage your dog or cat causes
Euroa Off-Leash Dog Park

Euroa Off-Leash Dog Park

Euroa Showgrounds, Cattle Pavillion, 9 Charles St, Euroa
Open: 24/7
If you would like to let your dog get some exercise off their leash, use the Euroa Off-Leash Dog Park facility.

Impounded Animals

If your pet is wandering or lost, contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 065 993 so we can keep them safe, check for microchips and get them back home where they belong. This phone line is constantly monitored. Animals that are unclaimed after eight days will go up for adoption. The Euroa Pound is no longer operational for dogs and cats, however the site is still used for livestock. Contact Customer Service for further information on impounded livestock. Our priority is to get pets back to their owners. If an animal is microchipped and registered with Council our Ranger will take them home.

When animals are surrendered to the pound, unregistered, a repeat offender is found wandering or there has been a violent incident and the pet is seized these animals are transported to the Shepparton Animal Shelter. If animal owners register and microchip their pets, it will be very unlikely their animal will be taken to the Shepparton Animal Shelter. If you pet has been impounded please phone the Shepparton Animal Shelter on 5832 9700 or visit the website.

To see pets available for adoption see the Shepparton Animal Shelter website.
Barking Dogs

Excessive barking is a nuisance offence under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. If your neighbour’s dog is barking frequently then you should initially attempt to speak to the neighbour before lodging a complaint with Council. If you cannot resolve the issue with your neighbour and the problem continues then you can contact Council on 1800 065 993 to lodge a complaint.

To lodge a complaint, council will require a noise complaint assessment to be completed. Council also requires a record of the occurrences of the specified noise on a noise log sheet for a period of 7 days or the time as specified by Council. Once the log is completed, the assessment and log sheet can be returned to our Compliance Department via any of the following:

  • Email
  • Mail PO Box 177, Euroa VIC 3666
  • In person at 109A Binney Street, Euroa or 293 High Street, Nagambie