We love events at Strathbogie Shire Council. Events are so important to help our communities flourish when it comes to economic development, tourism and creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Council’s Events Team are happy to provide support in planning your next event. To arrange your next event, submit the appropriate event notification form (see links below) together with your Public Liability Insurance. Refer to Council’s Events Policy for event classifications and timeframes needed to submit your application.

Council’s Tourism & Events Officer will then contact you to discuss your event, based on the information provided in you Event Application, to provide further information. You will need an approval if your event is held on Council managed land. Contact Council’s Customer Service Team on 1800 065 993 if you are unsure if the land you intend to hold your event on is Council-managed.

Refer to the information below to assist you with organising and managing a successful and sustainable event in the Strathbogie Shire.

Helpful forms and information:

Event Planning Tools:

Public Event on Private Land

If you’re holding a public event on private land, you may need a Planning Permit for ‘Place of Assembly’. Please contact Council’s Customer Service to see if you will require one. Council recommends you use the event application forms to create your own Event Management Plan even if you are not required to complete an event application process. This will assist you to plan your event with risk and emergency management and succession planning. Council’s Public Liability Insurance covers Council; it does not cover non-council events.

If a serious incident occurs at an event held on Council-managed land and Council is found to be negligent by allowing events to occur on their land without proper due diligence, it will be sued. Therefore, if you’re organising a public or private event on Council-managed land you will require an Event Approval.

Insurance for weddings and family gatherings costs $110 (including GST) in Council managed parks can be arranged by completing this form:

All organisers who are holding an event on public land must have Public Liability Insurance (PL). Ask your insurance agency for a ‘Certificate of Currency’ of your PL Insurance with coverage for a minimum of $20 million and the policy dates must cover the date of the event. If you need to purchase insurance for a one-off event, contact:

Hire the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

Please contact Visitor Economy & Events Coordinator Libby Webster on (03) 5795 0000 if you would like to hire the Nagambie Regatta Centre.

Helpful forms:

Event signage

If you would like to book space in the Tourism Event Signage frames, located at the entrances to Avenel, Euroa, Longwood and Nagambie, fill out the following form:

Local Laws

There are Local Laws that may apply to certain parts of your event, such as busking or use of the footpath for commercial activities.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment is an important part of organising your event. The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to ensure you have considered the risk associated with your event and that you’ve put in a plan to reduce the risks. A Risk Assessment shows you’ve shown your due diligence.

Emergency Management

An Emergency Management Plan is required for most events because it helps event organisers plan for the worst possible scenarios. Unfortunately, things can go wrong when holding an event. A copy of the event’s Emergency Management Plan must be kept and displayed on site.

Traffic Management

Road Closures or Changes in Traffic Conditions

Road Closures on Council roads require a decision to be made by the Councillors at a monthly Council meeting. Therefore if you require a road closure for your event, you must provide your Traffic Management Plan to us with plenty of lead time to ensure a decision can be made at a Council meeting prior to your event (Note: There are no council meetings in January).

You may be asked to ensure advertisments are placed in the relevant newspapers giving prior notice for this event. The advertisement will need to be placed 7 – 14 days prior to the event. Click here for an example of an advertisement.


The best way to contact VicRoads North Eastern Region regarding your event and associated road closures is to email: ner.enquiries@roads.vic.gov.au

Helpful links:
Permit to conduct an event on a public road

Any person wanting to conduct events that are on or involve public roads, such as foot or bicycle races, including a rolling road closure either within the event itself or as a separate event, marathons and half marathons etc, must obtain a Police permit.

Information on the conditions for the conduct of the event can accessed via the following form:

If you are unsure whether your event requires a Highway Event Permit, contact Victoria Police Centre on (03) 9247 5714 or email ROADPERMITS-OIC@police.vic.gov.au

Ambulance Victoria

Organisers for events that require road closures must email Ambulance Victoria on roadclosures@ambulance.vic.gov.au to notify them.

Public Transport

If the event will affect Public Transport Services, organiser must submit a PTV ‘Event Notification Form’ via http://ptv.vic.gov.au/specialevents

Cycling Events

Cycling Events are relatively risky and if it’s a competitive race then they are considered High Risk. Therefore, if you are planning a cycling event, ensure you have covered all aspects required to run a safe event. It is a time-consuming process putting together a cycling event so please allow plenty of time to plan and organise it – usually a minimum of six months is needed.

Road Closures on Council roads require a decision to be made by the Councillors at a monthly Council meeting. You may also need to apply for a Police permit to conduct an event on a public road – see the police section above under Traffic Management.

Helpful forms and information:

Liquor Licence

All events planning on selling alcohol must apply for a Temporary Liquor Licence from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation via  https://www.vcglr.vic.gov.au/home/liquor

All Temporary Liquor Licence applications must specify that they will not be serving alcohol in glass containers and that the persons serving the alcohol have an RSA certificate and the licence is displayed at the event. This is a State Government requirement.

Helpful links:



If you are planning on selling food at your event, all the temporary food traders must be registered online with Streatrader at https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au

Every temporary food trader must be registered. This is a State Government requirement. An annual (calendar year) fee will be payable online.

Once registered, all your temporary food traders must have submitted their Statement of Trade (SOT) online with Streatrader. There is no fee involved and the process takes less than 5 minutes.

For further information please call the Environmental Health Officer at Strathbogie Shire Council on (03) 5795 0000.

Site Plan Maps

Below are links to maps of common event locations to help with creating a site map for your event. If the site map you need is not listed below, contact Council on 1800 065 993.

Violet Town
Council Contacts

Refer to the below Council officers for help with holding an event in Strathbogie Shire:

  • Tourism & Events Officer – for Event Approval questions
  • Visitor Economy & Events Coordinator – for Event Planning or Regatta Centre questions
Email: info@strathbogie.vic.gov.au
Phone: 03 5795 0000
Office: 109A Binney Street, Euroa VIC 3666