Digital Economy: Business Readiness Diagnostic

The Digital Economy Business Readiness Diagnostic is designed to assist businesspeople to identify the aspects of their organisation that will require additional work, in order to take full advantage of widespread access to reliable, high-speed broadband internet.

Digital Economy Readiness

The diagnostic will assess your organisation’s readiness under six categories. The first two address your understanding of your customers and future business strategy. The final four categories are the areas of the business that will be key to implementing your future business strategy, and delivering on the needs of your customer.
Once you have identified the categories you need to develop your capabilities in, you can visit the associated resource page. On these pages we have compiled a series of tools, articles and links to websites to help you develop your organisational capabilities and to prepare for the NBN.

What are the features?
  • Examines six key business development factors.
  • Quickly identify areas of strength and potential weakness.
  • View results on screen and via email report.
Next Steps

After you have completed the Business Readiness diagnostic, follow the links to the resource pages for any categories that have been highlighted as needing improvement. These will help you to improve your level of readiness in these areas, providing exercises and further reading on each topic.

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