Sometimes a planning permit or other approval is required to remove, destroy or lop vegetation. So, before you do so fill out the Native Vegetation Removal Request form and return to it Council to find out what, if any, approvals you need.

Planning Permits

A planning permit may be required to remove vegetation from public or private land if:

  • The vegetation is native to Victoria
  • The property is affected by a particular planning overlay
  • A planning permit has previously been issued for the property and contains conditions or requirements relating to vegetation

However, there are various exemptions from needing a planning permit to remove vegetation.
These include exemptions under bushfire regulations, for instance to remove vegetation along a fence line or to create defendable space around a dwelling.

To find out if you need a planning permit to remove, destroy or lop vegetation on your property, contact the Planning Department on 1800 065 993 or online at our ‘Make a Request’ section.
Removing vegetation without a planning permit, when a planning permit is required, is a finable offence. If you are concerned about someone else removing vegetation, contact Council’s Planning Department.

Native Vegetation

Where a planning permit is required to remove native vegetation, the state-wide ‘Permitted clearing of native vegetation – Biodiversity assessment guidelines’ applies. This is a framework for what information must be provided as part of a planning permit application, what vegetation can be removed under a planning permit, and what offsets must be provided in the event that a planning permit is issued.

Importantly for landowners, it includes an online tool to assist in the preparation of a planning permit application. Visit the online tool here.

More information regarding this framework is available from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website

Public land

If you want to remove vegetation from public land, you’ll first need to find out if a planning permit is required.
Even if a planning permit is not required, you’ll need permission from the relevant landowner or manager.
If removing vegetation:

  • Along a main road, contact VicRoads
  • Along a minor road, contact Council
  • In a Council reserve, contact Council
  • On other Crown Land, contact the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning