The Council was elected to provide leadership for the good governance of the municipal district and the local community. In 2020 the Strathbogie Shire Council community elected this Council for a four-year term. The municipality is divided into five wards, represented by one Councillor each ward with the exception of two Councillors in the Lake Nagambie and Seven Creeks Wards.

The seven Councillors are the elected representatives of all residents and ratepayers across the Shire. They have responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the municipality, policy development, identifying service standards and monitoring performance across the organisation.

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Below is a list of Strathbogie Shire Councillors.

Strathbogie Shire Councillors 2020-24

Mount Wombat Ward
photo of Cr Laura Binks (Mayor)

Cr Laura Binks (Mayor)

0437 906 687

Hughes Creek Ward
photo of Cr Paul Murray (Deputy Mayor)

Cr Paul Murray (Deputy Mayor)

0450 091 501

Honeysuckle Creek Ward
photo of Cr Chris Raeburn

Cr Chris Raeburn

0439 903 993

Lake Nagambie Ward
photo of Cr Reg Dickinson

Cr Reg Dickinson

0437 932 147

Lake Nagambie Ward
photo of Cr David Andrews

Cr David Andrews

0498 463 094

Seven Creeks Ward
photo of Cr Kristy Hourigan

Cr Kristy Hourigan

0427 105 836

Seven Creeks Ward
photo of Cr Sally Hayes-Burke

Cr Sally Hayes-Burke

0427 397 801