#GoodNewsThursday – Strathbogie Tableland emergency planning underway

9 May 2024

It’s encouraging to see communities like Strathbogie Tableland taking proactive steps towards emergency preparedness.

Gathering residents to discuss and develop emergency management plans is crucial for ensuring resilience in the face of various hazards such as bushfires, windstorms, and road emergencies.

At a recent lunch time community meeting at the Golf Club local facilitators Stuart Bridgman and Kath Handasyde worked through all the suggestions to develop the draft plan.

The LEAP (Local Emergency Action Plan) initiative is an effective approach, allowing communities to tailor their plans to their specific needs and circumstances. Local knowledge plays a vital role in identifying potential risks and devising appropriate responses.

The collaboration between Strathbogie, Mansfield, and Murrindindi Shire Councils in developing these plans showcases the importance of regional cooperation in emergency preparedness.

By engaging with the community regularly and seeking feedback, these plans can be continually refined and improved to better serve the needs of residents.

It’s commendable that the working group is committed to gathering further community feedback before finalising the Strathbogie Tableland plan. This inclusive approach ensures that the plan truly reflects the concerns and priorities of residents.

The LEAPing into Resilience project is a joint initiative between Mansfield, Strathbogie and Murrindindi Shire Councils, funded by the Australian Government.