Strathbogie Shire Council has allocated a time for the public to ask questions in the business of an Ordinary Meeting of the Council. How to ask a question: Questions submitted to Council must be: (a) in writing, state the name, address and telephone number of the person submitting the question and generally be on this form (online or printed), approved by Council; and (b) submitted to Council in person or electronically. The Chair may refrain from reading a question or having a question read if the person who submitted the question is not present in the gallery at the time when the question is due to be read.
Only two questions may be submitted
Will you attend the meeting in person to present your question?(Required)

Privacy Declaration: Personal information is collected on this form to allow Council to undertake followup / response and to confirm identity for future reference where necessary. The questioner’s name only,together with a question reference number, will be included in Council’s Minutes. Council Minutes are a public document which will be published on Council’s Website and are available for public scrutiny at any time. Other personal details included on this form will not be included in the Minutes and will be kept for Council reference only, unless disclosure is required for law enforcement purposes or under any other statutory requirement.