Our Waste collection services for 2020/21 are $594 or $994.  This amount is applied to your rates and can change each year.

The bins come in a set of three of the following:

  • Garbage (red lid) – $403 per year (80 or 120 litre) or $803 per year (240 litre)
  • Recycling (yellow lid) – $191 per year (all bin sizes)
  • Organics (green lid) – free of charge with garbage bin
  • Kitchen Caddy – free with Organics bin

Organics bins are collected each week.

Garbage and recycling bins are collected each fortnight on alternate weeks.

Bins need to be put on the roadside the night before collection day.

The bins are owned by the Strathbogie Shire Council and need to remain at the property address they are delivered to.

I would like to order bins in the following sizes for my property (please select from below):

Garbage (red lid)
Recycling (yellow lid)
Organics (green lid)
Would you like a Kitchen Caddy & liners (for organics bin)

The Property Owner needs to complete the following information:

I, as the Property Owner, have read and understand the above information.
I agree for the cost of this service to be charged to my rates each year.