Join Terri MacDonald for A Brush with Nature in ARTBOX

12 Feb 2024

ARTBOX will host regional Victorian artist Terri MacDonald and her exhibition ‘A Brush with Nature’ which celebrates the natural world through the depiction of some of the most colourful subjects.

Focusing on Australian birdlife and botanical subjects, the exhibition is a collection of original watercolour and hand tinted etchings.

Since moving to her country property in central Victoria nearly a decade ago, Terri has been inspired by the abundance of wildlife in her semi ‘off the grid’ lifestyle.

Connecting with the rural landscape and the natural environment, Terri is seeking to show its character and beauty through the depiction of her subjects – be it noisy and colourful parrots and other birdlife, or the plants and insects that are foundational components of the rural environment.

Her work draws from both traditional zoological and botanical illustration through to more expressive styles.

Consistent in her approach though, is an eye for detail and appreciation of colour as a compositional element.

Her influences are broad, drawing inspiration from natural history artists of the 17-19th century, including Ferdinand Bauer, and Marianne North and Elizabeth Gould’s, to fine art masters such as Durer, Turner, Cassat and Freud.

She also has worked on Kelmscott vellum, an old and traditional illustration surface derived from animal hide, with a number of pieces in the exhibition on vellum.

While difficult to source, Kelmscott vellum is unique in its properties, allowing for incredibly fine detail while also providing an intensity in the watercolour pigments not possible with other painting supports.

Terri has also experimented with printing, with a preference for lithography and copper plate etching.  She has several print works in the exhibition, both hand tinted and as original prints.

Trained in fine art and as an illustrator, Terri has a PhD in creative arts, with a focus on natural history, and has taught fine art and illustration at university level.

Her work is held in both private and institutional collections, and she has won numerous awards for her work.  Terri is involved with the local arts community and is a strong advocate for promoting regional art and artists.

All works in the exhibition are for sale through the artist.

ARTBOX is being brought to Strathbogie Shire with Creative Victoria grant funding.

ARTBOX, Nagambie
February 2 – 27
A Brush with Nature
By Terri MacDonald

Meet the artist: visit ARTBOX on
Saturday 17 Feb, 11am – 2pm or
Saturday 24 Feb at the Nagambie on Water Festival