#GreatNewsThursday: ABC Shepparton’s Breakfast show broadcasts out of Violet Town

16 Mar 2023

Violet Town was the chosen location when ABC Shepparton took its Breakfast program on the road this week.

Presenter Nic Healey spent the morning at the Violet Town Café as part of the ABC’s Love Where You Live Campaign, showcasing various parts of the region.

Strathbogie Shire Council Mayor Cr Laura Binks joined Nic to chat all things Violet Town and Strathbogie Shire live on-air.

“We were so pleased to have Nic in Violet Town, promoting such an incredible part of Strathbogie Shire,” she said.

“It is not surprising the ABC chose Violet Town as a broadcast location as there has been so much exciting news coming out of the township recently.

“It was not too long ago the Southern Aurora Memorial, in the town’s centre, was awarded the Best Memorial/Monument at the Australian Street Art Awards.”

Cr Binks said as many were already aware, Violet Town was renowned for its monthly market which regularly draws visitors in the thousands.

“The market is such a massive drawcard for tourism to Strathbogie Shire and it is something the Violet Town community work incredibly hard to run each month,” she said.

“It is just one of the many examples of the community working together to achieve great things.

“It is fantastic for other media outlets to take interest in our beautiful area and promote it as well as explore the many personalities and community members that make up the area.”

ABC’s Nic Healey is a recent addition to Shepparton’s presenters after long-time radio jockey Matt Dowling left the role.

ABC Breakfast Shepparton airs weekdays from 6.30-9am on 97.7.