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Our Natural Attractions




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It Comes Naturally

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We can’t take the credit for our natural beauty - but we can proudly boast about it.

There is an abundance of natural attractions to be experienced in the Strathbogie Shire.

The Goulburn River system, Nagambie Lakes, Gooram Falls, the cascading Polly McQuinns, and unique granite rock formations in the Strathbogie Ranges are just some of the magnificent array of scenery on offer.

Bushwalkers will enjoy our peaceful bushland scattered throughout the Shire, which brings with it opportunities to escape the traffic and enjoy some bird watching, horse-riding, and mountain bike riding.  The ascending, curving roads of the Strathbogie Ranges also provide the perfect challenge for road cyclists, from the weekenders to the pros.

Take a picnic, spend a day in the sunshine, and drop a line in the water to catch some fish. If you come well prepared, you could set up for the weekend in one of our secluded and picturesque camping areas available.

Our Feathered Friends

Relax to the natural music of birdlife drifting through the trees and feel the sense of freedom observing a wedge tailed eagle soar above the Ranges.

Our region of lakes, rivers and ranges attracts a diverse and spectacular array of birdlife.  From wetland inhabitants such as Kingfishers, Ibis’ and Wrens, to the mountain dwellers including Power Owls and Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos. A special feature are the birds of prey, in particular the Wedge Tailed Eagles who make their home amid the rocky outcrops of the Strathbogie Ranges.



Hughes Creek Bridge

Avenel Boasts one of provincial Victoria's most impressive bridges in the six-arch, stone crossing of Hughes Creek which was built by Hugh Dalrymple in 1850 and originally had a tollgate and toll keepers Cottage nearby.

A young Ned Kelly saved a boy from drowning just down stream of the Hughes Creek Bridge in Avenel, for which he was awarded a green silk sash by the boy's parents.  Ned was wearing this when he was captured at the Siege of Glenrowan.  

Avenel Bridge05

Stewart Park

Stewart Park is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic and look for Aboriginal scar trees of the Taungurung People.

Drought 036

Jubilee Park

Film North East shoot 050



Seven Creeks Park

Seven Creeks Park is a favourite rest stop for many travellers.  It is also a local favourite where you can enjoy community BBQ's and playgrounds with scenic views.


Seven Creeks / Castle Creeks

Euroa is surrounded by several creeks which are great for exploring, swimming, fishing and have great walking tracks.

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Fish Ladder

Located in Seven Creeks Park the Fish Ladder was built to assist fish in travelling up and down stream.  Some fish that frequent the fishways are Trout Cod, Yellow Belly and Murray Cod. 

Euroa Arboretum

Discover the Euroa Arboretum which offers a unique experience to spend time in the natural environment of north-eastern Victoria.  Walk your dog, take a bike ride, admire local artwork, fish for trout and learn more about the Taungurung who are the traditional landowners.

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Apex Walk

There is an easy walking track along the scenic Seven Creeks which was established by the Euroa Apex Club.

Commencing at the Seven Creeks Formal Park, the circuit follows the creek with one crossing at the Rockies (southern end) and the other at the Butter Factory Bridge (northern end).

The track was established in 1988 as a Bicentennial Project. It extends for approximately 6.8 kilometres along both sides of the creek through a red gum riverine plain.

Fifty-three species of birds have been identified along the creek, as well as platypus, koalas, echidnas, water rats and sugar gliders. Trout Cod, English Perch, Blackfish and other species are found in the stream. A fish ladder is located near the central section of the track.



Balmattum Hill Walk

Balmattum Hill Bushland Reserve was established in 1979 and consists of 78.6 hectares of crown land under the management of Parks Victoria. The vegetation community is Grassy Woodland, White Box (Eucalyptus albens) being the dominant tree species with Grey Box, Red Box and Wattles also present.

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Graytown Cemetery

Graytown's historic cemetery is still in remarkably good condition.  It is set in the forest approximately 700m off the main road.  The German Heritage Society and interested locals have been helping with restoration over the years.  

The historic Graytown cemetery features a Chinese burial section; a marble headstone dated in the early 1870's with text written in Welsh and numerous other headstones with inscriptions.

Heathcote Graytown National Park

Still a place of interest for adventurers with prospecting and fossicking still permitted in the Heathcote-Graytown National Park.  Dating back thousands of years, the box-ironbark forest has been closely associated with providing food and shelter to the Aboriginal people of the region, and significant sites can be found throughout the area.

  • Spring Creek Nature Conservation Reserve

  • Grass Tree Garden



  • Melvilles Lookout

    • You are sure to be impressed with Melvilles Lookout with its magnificent views, walking tracks, caves and large boulders. Take a picnic and enjoy the scenery

mevilles lookout

  • Mt Black Quarry & Flora Reserve

    • Perfect for bushwalkers and explorers, Mt Black is one of the highest points in the area and provides stunning views of Heathcote and surrounding areas. A visit during August-October will reward you with an array of many beautiful wildflower
  • Graytown POW Camp

    • During WWII, prisoners of war were camped at Graytown. The prisoners were guarded at night in the POW camp but able to work in the forest during the day and many of these men settled in the district after the war. Approximately 250 Italian and German prisoners of war were detained here and the remains of the POW camp still exist today.


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RSL Memorial

In memory of those lost, the Longwood Boer War Memorial is located on Hill Street in Longwood.

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The mural has been painted on the side of the Longwood's former fire station building shed, next to the town's war memorial.  It is dedicated to the firefighters and soldiers 'to those who served' by artist Tank

Longwood Recreation Reserve 

Relax in the Longwood Recreation Reserve with open spaces, covered areas, playground, public toilets, tennis courts and netball courts.

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Waterways – Lake & River

The Goulburn River is a major source of irrigation water in northern Victoria and the waters impounded by the weir provide recreation boating opportunities on the river, Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn Weir.  Boating is a valued recreation activity in the area, attracting thousands of visitors from within Victoria, interstate and overseas. 

Being close to Melbourne, the area has become a venue for a wide range of boating activities, including: rowing/canoeing, regattas, fishing, water-skiing and cruising.  Attractions such as cellar door sales of premium wines, restaurants and cafes, markets and accommodation enhance the overall experience.

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Chinamans Bridge

One of the oldest timber bridges in Victoria.  Built in the 1890's, Chinaman's Bridge has a historical importance of the steam boat era.

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Kirwans Bridge

Victoria's longest timber bridge

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Majors Creek (free) camping

Majors Creek offers a large campground with basic facilities.  Located right on the banks of Majors Creek it is the perfect camping getaway by the water. 

majors creek boat ramp


The area is perfect for fishing. The combination of river, lake, weir and backwaters is ideal to find Crayfish, Golden Perch, Redfin, Salmonids and Murray Cod.

winning fish

Nagambie foreshore walk



Goulburn Weir

Completed in 1891, the Goulburn Weir was the first major diversion structure built for irrigation in Australia. 

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Elloura beach

Walk along the Lake Nagambie boardwalk and visit the soft sand at the hidden gem that is Elloura Beach.




Rocky Outcrops

Formed over 350 million years ago, the rugged rock outcrops are the perfect muse for any level of artist or photographer.

Strathbogies view - rocks  paddock


Flora and Bushland Reserves

Perfect for a scenic drive or walk, Ruffy is surrounded by Flora and Bushland Reserves.


Ruffy Recreation Reserve

A picturesque English village setting, the Ruffy Recreation Reserve provides a perfect place to enjoy a picnic and has access to tennis courts and cricket grounds.



Mount Wombat

Take in the incredible view from Mount Wombat walk and lookout.  The summit offers 360 degree views.

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Strathbogie Crystal King Mine

The Strathbogie Crystal King Mine was known for mining quartz crystals.  The largest hand-cut crystal in the world was found here and is now held at the Melbourne Museum.  If you're lucky you might find some small crystals along your adventure.

Polly McQuinns

 A favourite local swimming spot where the water spills over large exposed granite boulders and across a natural spillway into a deepwater pool.  


Gooram Falls

A short drive from Polly McQuinns is Gooram Falls. Another local favourite where a small waterfall flows. 


Bridge to Bridge Walk

2km return in length, this is an easy walk on mostly flat terrain.

This walk meanders along the Seven Creeks and Spring Creek behind the township of Strathbogie. The track also passes the confluence of these two creeks, where the Seven Creeks heads west and flows towards Polly McQuinns Weir.

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Golden Mountain

Enjoy a walk that takes you deep into the Strathbogie Forest.  Once you reach the summit you will be rewarded with stunning views from east to west. 

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Cycling in the Ranges

Home to countless scenic rides perfect for mountain bikers and road cyclists, from the weekenders to the pros.  



Violet Town

Honeysuckle Creek Walking Track

The Honeysuckle Creek Walking Track is the result of a Community Capacity Building Initiative, in which the Violet Town community identified a local area that had developmental potential.

The project took 18 months and saw over 50 community working bee, and 1,600 hours of volunteer work. Ongoing maintenance and planting is completed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

The easy 3 kilometre circuit takes around 40 minutes to complete, and is suitable for wheelchairs and prams. Keep a lookout for the local wildlife which includes possums, bats, water rat, squirrel gliders and frogs

01creek seln

Southern Aurora Memorial Park

In 1969, The Southern Aurora overnight express train tragically crashed outside of Violet Town.  A major community recovery effort ensued, however 9 people sadly lost their lives. 

There is a memorial dedicated to the people lost and injured and the locals who helped in the aftermath of the disaster.

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Shadforth Reserve

Shadforth Reserve, which was once a racing track, has accommodated notable sporting clubs such as the former Violet Town Golf Club and now the Jumping Classic. There is now a community forest located in the Shadforth Reserve, accessible from Shiffner Street.



Balaclava Mine

The Balaclava open cut mine is a spectacular example of early quartz reef mining. Puddling machines and the remnants of areas of quartz reef and shallow alluvial lead mining areas can be found throughout the historic township site

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