On Australia Day we celebrate all the things we love about Australia: land, sense of fair go, lifestyle, democracy, the freedoms we enjoy but particularly our people.

Australia Day is about acknowledging and celebrating the contribution that every Australian makes to our contemporary and dynamic nation. From our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people  – who have been here for more than 65,000 years – to those who have lived here for generations, to those who have come from all corners of the globe to call our country home.

2023 Australia Day Events

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2023 Nominations [now closed]

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Nominations opened on Monday September 19, 2022 and closed at 5pm on Wednesday 2 November, 2022.

The winners will be announced at this year’s Australia Day events.

Each community has the chance to nominate community members and organisations that deserve recognition for their efforts throughout the year. There are four categories in which nominees can gain an award;

Award categories include:

  • Community Organisation of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year (events held after 27/01/2022)
  • Junior Citizen of the Year (aged under 15 years at 26/01/2023)
  • Young Citizen of the Year (aged between 15-25 years at 26/01/2023)
  • Citizen of the Year (aged over 25 years at 26/01/2023)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year (aged over 65 years at 26/01/2023)

All of your winners are submitted to the Councillors to select the Shire Wide award winners.

Judging Process
  • The town winners will be chosen by the town Australia Day committee. Their decision is final.
  • The Shire-wide winners will be chosen from the list of town winners by the Strathbogie Shire Councillors.

Please use these criteria when nominating a person, group or event.

All nominations received will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The nominated person must be an Australian Citizen.
  • The nominated person must have made a significant contribution to the town worthy of recognition.
  • The nominated person must not have received any remuneration for their work. i.e. it must be voluntary
  • How long has the nominated person made the major commitment for
  • The level of excellence that the person has demonstrated in their chosen field.
  • The impact of the person’s contribution towards a particular field, locality, group community of humanity at large.
  • A person who has won an award previously can be nominated again.
  • Has the nominated person’s contribution been recognised elsewhere (e.g. in the media, by other awards, interest groups or local councils).
  • A person is allowed to be nominated if they live outside the shire / town as long as the voluntary work they do is within the shire / town.
  • The criteria regarding age shall be decided by the Australia Day Council.
    − Junior Citizen of the Year (under 15 years of age at 26 Jan 2023)
    − Young Citizen of the Year (between 15 and 25 years of age at 26 Jan 2023)
    − Citizen of the Year (over 25 years of age at 26 Jan 2023)
    − Senior Citizen of the Year (over 65 years of age at 26 Jan 2023)

Community Organisation and Event of the Year (event occurred after 27/01/2022)

  • Has provided significant positive impact on the town’s community
  • Has demonstrated a high level of excellence and innovation