Strathbogie Shire Council

Tel 24/7: 1800 065 993

Trees & Other Obstructions

Under clause 10 of Community Local Law No. 6, an owner or occupier of land must not allow any vegetation, structure, chattel or other thing on that land to obstruct or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic by:

(a) overhanging the boundary onto a footpath or other part of the road used by pedestrians so as to limit safe access or be likely to cause injury or damage; or

(b) extending over any part of the road so that it obstructs the view between vehicles, or vehicles and pedestrians, or obscures a traffic control item from an approaching vehicle or pedestrian, or obscures street lighting; or

(c) constituting a danger to vehicles or pedestrians or compromising the safe and convenient use of the road.


To report an obstruction to Council land, contact Council on 1800 065 993.

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