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Rubbish Collection

Household Organics, Garbage and Recycling Collections

Council offers its residents a weekly organic waste (food and garden waste) collection service and a fortnightly landfill waste (rubbish) and recycling collection service. The annual cost of these services for the 2021-2022 financial year is $576.00. These charges are added on to the annual rates notices of all properties receiving the collection services.

Properties within township areas of the shire receive compulsory organic waste, garbage and recycling collection services. 

Organic waste, garbage and recycling collection services are optional for properties located outside of township areas.

The provision of a 120 Litre Mobile Organics Bin, 120 litre Mobile Garbage Bin and a 240 litre Mobile Recycling Bin is incorporated into the collection service charges. These bins remain the property of Council and must remain at the property address they are allocated to.

Collection Days

MONDAY: Euroa Township

TUESDAY: Earlston, Euroa (outskirts of township only), Gooram, Kelvin View, Kithbrook, Miepoll, Moglenemby, Sheans Creek, Strathbogie, Violet Town.

WEDNESDAY: No Collections

THURSDAY: Arcadia South, Avenel, Bailieston, Goulburn Weir, Kirwans Bridge, Locksley, Longwood, Longwood East, Mangalore, Nagambie (outskirts of township only), Tabilk, Wahring.

FRIDAY: Nagambie Township

To determine the garbage and recycling collection days for your property, enter your address into the search section of our online mapping and select the 'waste collection' layer.

Online Mapping

 Or Click here to download a calendar for collection days in your area

New or Additional Organics, Garbage and Recycling Services

To request either a new organics, garbage and recycling collection service for your property, please complete an Apply for New Bins form and return it to Council. Commercial properties can also request an organics, garbage and recycling collection service, by completing Apply for New Bins - Commerical form and returning it Council.

To request additonal bins, please complete the Apply for Additonal Bins form and return it to Council.

1. All residential properties receiving or applying for a kerbside garbage collection service must also receive at least one kerbside organics collection service and one kerbside recycling collection service.
2. Bins will only be delivered to properties where Council has received a final Occupancy Permit.

To change the size of any of your current bins, please complete a Change of Bin Size form and return it to Council

Stolen or Damaged Bins

Whilst the bins provided with these services remain the property of Council, residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their bins. However, should your bin be stolen or damaged whilst placed out for collection, please complete either a Replace Stolen Bin form or a Repairs/Replacement to Damaged Bin form and return it to Council to have your bin repaired/replaced. 

Cancellation of Services

Collection services to properties located outside of Township areas can be cancelled by completing a Cancel You Bins form. Council will consider each request and advise applicants of the outcome. Please note, if you wish to cancel your bin service, all three bins will be cancelled. 

Services to properties within Township areas cannot be cancelled. 

Things to Remember

  • Please put your bins out on the roadside the night before your allocated collection day
  • Ensure your bins are not overfilled.
  • Place your bins at least 50cm apart to enable automated collection
  • Ensure your bins are placed clear of any obstructions (parked cars, trees, power poles etc)
  • Collection trucks can not manoeuvre adequately to collect bins around "court bowls". If you live at the end of a court, please place your bins along the straight section of the road.


 Click here to download a handy sorting guide to help determine which bin your household items should go into

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