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Green Waste

Strathbogie Shire – Going ‘Back To Earth’

From 1 July 2015, Strathbogie Shire introduced a new three-bin household waste collection system as part of its commitment to encourage recycling and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.


A comprehensive community engagement program was launched, including further development of the “Back To Earth” initiative, ensuring that residents are fully informed about the changes and how this new service affects them.

Check out the videos and frequently asked questions below to address any concerns that you may have.


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What is the new three-bin household waste system?

The new three-bin household waste collection system allows food and garden waste to be collected separately - in addition to existing general waste (rubbish) and recycling collections - and taken to a composting facility to be processed into natural fertiliser.

The following default collection regime is currently provided:



120 litre organics bin
Green lid


240 litre recycling bin
Yellow Lid 


120 litre landfill waste bin
Red lid


When compared to the current two bin system, this new system represents an increase of 25 per cent in the volume of bin space for each household.

The three bin service will be provided as a mandatory service to all properties currently receiving a landfill waste collection service.

Commercial premises will be given the option to add the new organics collection service to their landfill waste and recycling services.

 Why do we need three bins?

The Council is committed to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill, as the cost of landfilling and associated environmental management is a major burden on ratepayers.

This new three bin system will be helping to divert the 700 tonnes of organic material we send to landfill each year into a commercial composting facility where it will be composted into natural fertiliser for farm and garden use. This will save Council and the Strathbogie Shire community money and will reduce our impact on the environment. 

Environmentally, the more organic waste that we put into landfill, the more methane gas is produced. Methane is roughly 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat trapping gas.

 What bins will I need for this system?

All households participating in the organics collection service will be provided with a new green lidded organics bin (your choice of 120 litre or 240 litre) about a week before the start of the new collection service. You will use this bin in addition to your red-lidded general waste bin and yellow-lidded recycling bin.

 What will I be able to put in my green-lidded organics bin?

 You can put in all your food scraps including

Fruit, vegetables, seafood (including shells), meat and bones, dairy products, tea-bags, coffee grounds and cooked foods.

 Garden waste such as

Prunings, leaves, bark, grass clippings, sticks, branches (less than 100mm in diameter and 300mm in length), dry sawdust from untreated timber, weeds and flowers.

The new system will also allow collection of pet droppings and contaminated paper such as paper towels and tissues.


However, you cannot include things like plastic bags, cling wrap, food packaging, disposable nappies, general household waste that is not organic, treated or laminated timber or old clothing. These need to go in your red lidded general waste bin.

 How do I get my new organics bin?

All households will be provided with a green-lidded organics bin about a week before the start of the new collection service. The organics bin will be delivered with clear instructions and directions for use. Additional information about how the system will operate will be provided to you closer to the start date.

 What size will my new organics bin be?

The default size for the new green lidded organics bin will be a 120 litre bin, the same size as your current rubbish bin. A 240 litre option is also available on request.

 How will I sort food waste from my general household waste?

Along with the delivery of your new green lidded organics bin, each household will be provided with a kitchen tidy bin and a roll of 150, purple, compostable, corn starch liners for the specific purpose of collecting food waste in your kitchen. When full, these liners can be placed directly into your green lidded organics bin.

 How will my landfill waste (rubbish) bin change?

The default size of your red lidded landfill waste bin will remain at its current size (120 litres). However, it will now be collected fortnightly. Residents can request an 80 litre  bin or a 240 litre bin if they desire.

In 2010, audits of household landfill waste bins within the shire showed that up to half of what was being put into your general waste bin could be composted through the organics service. By providing a third bin to cater for these organic wastes, we eliminate the need to collect the landfill waste bin every week.

 What can I put in my red-lidded landfill waste bin?

This bin will now be used for general household rubbish, not food or garden waste or recyclable items.

You can put in items including plastic bags and cling wrap, rope, polystyrene, disposable nappies, and broken items like plates, toys and oven dishes.

You cannot add items such as hot ashes, building or commercial waste, liquids or items that are too large or heavy for your rubbish bin. 

 Will my recycling system change?

Your recycling system will not change. The default size of your yellow lidded recycling bin will remain at its current size (240 litres). Options are also available for a 120 litre bin (suitable for smaller households or multi-unit developments) or a new 360 litre bin (suitable for larger household or commercial premises).

Recycling will continue to be collected fortnightly (alternative week to your rubbish bin).

Just as in the past, you can continue to put paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminium cans, empty aerosol cans, and plastic bottles and containers marked with the recycling symbol into your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

You cannot place items such as scrap metal, wire, clothing, and polystyrene into your recycling bin. These need to be taken to specialist facilities.

 What options are available to me to request alternative bin sizes?

Council understands that the default bin sizes for the three bin system may not suit every household, so options will be made available to accommodate individual circumstances.


If you have any further enquiries or queries, please feel free to contact Council on 5795 0000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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