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Fire Services Levy

DPC0008-180x150What is the Fire Services Levy and who governs it?

Prior to the introduction of the fire services property levy, Victoria’s fire services were funded by financial contributions from insurance companies, the State Government and metropolitan councils. Insurance companies recovered the cost of their contributions by imposing a fire services levy on insurance premiums.

One of the findings of the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission was that this model for fire services funding was inequitable, lacked
transparency and discouraged some owners from insuring or fully insuring their property due to the additional cost the levy imposed on premiums. As a result, the Commission recommended that the insurance‑based fire services levy be replaced with a property‑based levy which would require all property owners, not just those with adequate insurance, to contribute to fire services funding.
On 28 August 2012, the Victorian Government announced that it would implement the Commission’s recommendation. The Fire Services Property Levy Act 2012 (the Act) was developed to establish the legal framework for the new fire services property levy. The Act received Royal Assent on 16 October 2012, and has imposed a levy on land in Victoria from 1 July 2013.
Who must pay the Levy?
The Act (s.19(1)) states that the owner of leviable land is liable to pay the levy and levy interest on that land. For more information, click here

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