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Trespassing Animals

Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats trespassing onto private property can be a nuisance and a safety risk.  If you have a dog or cat regularly trespassing onto your property you should intially attempt to speak to the owner of the animal.  The owner may not be aware that their pet is wandering and trespassing if it happens at times when the owner is not home. 

If the problem continues and you are unable to speak to the owner then lodge a complaint in writing with Council.

Cat traps

Cat traps are available to hire from Council.  The traps are hired out for a period of 7 days and a $50 security deposit must be paid upon hiring.

If you have trapped a cat and the cat is feral or you do not know the owner of the cat contact the Compliance department on 1800 065 993 during business hours.  The Ranger will attend your property and collect the cat. 

Collections are only made during office hours and Council traps are not to be set before a weekend or public holiday.



Under the Impounding of Livestock Act the owner of a property on which livestock have trespassed becomes an authorised officer and has certain obligations to meet when dealing with the stock.  To find out more contact the Compliance department on 1800 065 993.


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