Strathbogie Shire Council

Tel 24/7: 1800 065 993

Impounded Animals

If your pet is lost please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 065 993 so we can help you find your loved ones.

If you have found a wandering/lost cat or dog please contact us on 1800 065 993 so we can keep them safe, check for microchips and get them back home where they belong. This phone line is monitored 24hrs, 7 days a week.

Animals that are unclaimed after eight days will go up for adoption.

It is important that animal owners microchip their pets and keep the details up-to-date to ensure they are returned safely and quickly. Please talk to your vet for information regarding microchipping.

Cats & Dogs

The Euroa Pound is no longer operational for dogs and cats, however the site is still used for livestock.

Our first priority is to get pets back to their owners. If an animal is microchipped and registered with Council our Ranger will take them home.

When animals are surrendered to the pound, unregistered, a repeat offender is found wandering or there has been a violent incident and the pet is seized these animals are transported to the Shepparton Animal Shelter.

If animal owners register and microchip their pets, it will be very unlikely their animal will be taken to the Shepparton Animal Shelter.

To register your pet with Strathbogie Shire Council visit pet registrations or phone 1800 065 993.

We also encourage owners who change their address to ensure they update their microchip details to help our Ranger find them if they have moved. 

If you pet has been impounded please phone the Shepparton Animal Shelter on 5832 9700 or visit the website.

To see pets available for adoption see the Shepparton Animal Shelter website.


Council's livestock pound is situated in Euroa.  Contact the Customer Service on 1800 065 993 for further information on impounded livestock.


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