Strathbogie Shire Council

Tel 24/7: 1800 065 993

Dog & Cat Registration

New registrations

All dogs and cats that reside in the shire must be registered with Council. Dogs and cats over 3 months of age must be registered and must be micro-chipped prior to a new registration. 

If you would like to register your dog or cat please contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 065 993 or download the application to register a domestic animal to get started.

Registration renewal

Dog and cat registration renewals are due on the 10th of April each year and renewal notices are sent out in March. 

Please contact Council if you haven't received your renewal notice by 1st April or if your pet's details are incorrect on the notice.

Changes to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 provide for the removal of the reduced fee category for micro-chipped dogs and cats. 


For more information regarding dog & cat registration please see the DEPI webpage Dog & cat registration.


The Importance of Pet Registration

Registering your dog or cat greatly improves the chances of your animal being returned to you if it becomes lost, but registration fees also provide a whole range of other important services, including:

- A Council indentification tag for your pet to wear.
- Lost and found service; a guarantee that if your pet is found wearing the council indentification marker you will be notified.
- Council services to respond to calls about wandering dogs or dog attacks. This includes removal of aggresive  dogs from the streets, so you and your pet can walk in safety.
- Council services to deal with nuisance problems. These services manage issues like barking dogs, cat trespass, and unowned animals.
- Council control of 'dangerous', 'menacing' and 'restricted breed' dogs in your area. This ensures they do not pose a threat to the community.
- Council monitoring of pet shops, boarding kennels, catteries, pounds, shelters, and pet breeding and training businesses. This ensures they meet basic animal welfare standards required by law.
- A State Government education program for schools. This program makes visits to all Primary Schools in Victoria. It teaches children about safety with dogs, and how to be a responsible pet owner. For more information, see the website
- A State Government education program for pre-schools. This program teaches children and parents how to avoid dog attacks in the home and in public places.

Be a responsible pet owner. Register your pet and make sure it wears its ID tag at all times

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