Strathbogie Shire is home to many iconic species of flora, fauna and fungi, which include state and federally listed species such as the Greater Glider, Powerful Owl, Squirrel Glider Possum, Eastern Pygmy Possum, Brush-tailed Phascogale, and Barking Owl. However some 177,600ha of the Strathbogie Ranges (74 per cent) is now cleared of forest vegetation, and much of our other vegetation has been cleared for agriculture across other parts of the Shire. Because forests and flora promote soil health, rain, pollination for our crops, stormwater deceleration, and a hundred-thousand other amazing things, the State, Council and community monitor what we have left very carefully.

A great deal of effort goes into replacing the vegetation we have lost, so we can live in the next millennium without the erosion, drought, salinity and weeds that we do today.