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Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

A domestic wastewater management plan (DWMP) is the key tool through which councils meet their obligations under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and the State Environmental Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria).

To read Strathbogie Shire Council's DWMP and associated reports please click on the links below

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan Background Report

   - Background Report Attachment 1

   - Background Report Attachment 2

Wastewater file retrieval request


What is a Septic/Domestic Wastewater System?

A domestic wastewater system is a reference to any system for the bacterial, biological, chemical or physical treatment of sewage, and includes all tanks, beds, sewers, drains, pipes, fittings, appliances and land in connection with the system.

Other wastewater systems include package treatment plants and composting toilets. These systems must have a certificate of approval from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and be installed and maintained in accordance with the EPA certification conditions and the manufacturers’ instructions.

Visit the EPA website for more information or call Councils Environmentall Health Department on 1800 065 993.


Installing a New Septic System

If you wish to install a new septic system you must lodge an application to install with Council.

Step 1 - Determining the risk rating of a site (click here to open)

- Use this checklist to identify the overall risk rating for the site to determine whether you need to use Council's high, medium or low risk land capability template.

Click here to download the Land Capability Assessment Template for LOW RISK sites

Click here to download the Land Capability Assessment Template for MEDIUM RISK sites

Click here to download the Land Capability Assessment Template for HIGH RISK sites

Altering a Septic System

If you wish to alter an already existing septic system you must lodge an application to alter with Council.

2021/22 Fees

New Septic Installation: $734.70

Septic Alteration: $560

Additional Inspections: $127


Do's and Don'ts of Septic Systems


  • Grow suitable plants over the drainage system
  • Have the septic tank desludged every 3 years
  • Keep records of inspections and maintenance
  • Practice water conservation
  • Repair leaking taps and toilets immediately


  • Use bleaches and cleaning products excessively
  • Allow oil or grease to enter the system
  • Allow vehicles to drive over any part of the system
  • Allow stormwater to discharge into the septic tank
  • Cover the tank or drainage field with paving, concrete, building structures etc.
  • Place non-biodegradable objects into the system

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