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Food Safety Supervisors

The Food Safety Supervisor

The food safety supervisor is nominated by the food business proprietor and works under the proprietor’s direction. Their role is to supervise food handling in the business and to make sure it is done safely. They need to understand how the food safety processes works as a whole, and what needs to be done to ensure food is handled safely at all times.

The business’ food safety supervisor must:

  • know how to recognise, prevent and alleviate hazards associated with food handling at your premises
  • have a Statement of Attainment from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that shows they have the required food safety competencies, and
  • have the ability and authority to supervise other people handling food at your premises and ensure that it is done safely.

 Who needs a Food Safety Supervisor?

Most class 1 and class 2 premises must have a food safety supervisor. There are some exceptions.

Class 2 food premises are not required to have a food safety supervisor where they:

  • use a Quality Assurance (QA) food safety program prepared under a declared QA code, where the program includes competency based, or accredited training for its staff
  • are a community group running food events of 1 to 2 days duration, where those handling the food are mostly volunteers.

Class 3 and class 4 food premises do not need a food safety supervisor. However, they must ensure that all staff have the skills and knowledge to handle food safely in their work roles.

** Speak to Council if you require help with your classification.

Who can be the Food Safety Supervisor?

It is important to choose your food safety supervisor carefully. It may be the proprietor, an employee or a person external to the business, providing they are able to meet the requirements prescribed in the Food Act 1984.

You should also ensure that your food safety supervisor has what they need to perform their role in your business. This could mean that:

  • they understand what their role and responsibilities are
  • the responsibilities are mentioned in their job description
  • they have relevant and appropriate training
  • they are allocated time in their day to undertake food safety supervisor tasks
  • they are able to supervise other staff, and staff know who the food safety supervisor is, and
  • they know what to do, and where and who to go to, if something goes wrong with food safety in your business.

How to gain a Food Safety Supervisors Certificate?  

There are many nationally recognised courses available online that can be done at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Please see the Department of Health Food safety Supervisors and training information page

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