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Under Section 52 of the Planning and Evironment Act 1987, and/or at the discretion of the Council Planning Unit the following documents are currently available for public exhibition.


Planning Application Notices

Planning permit application documents have been copied and made available for the purpose of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The information must not be used for any other purpose. By taking a copy of or downloading the document you acknowledge and agree that you will only use the document for the purpose specified above and that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this document is strictly prohibited.









 Use and development of land for five (5)

 Five (5) lot subdivision; Creation of easment

 40 River Street,



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More information about planning permits

Our community has asked for more information about an ammunitions, explosives and fireworks warehouse house in Mitchellstown. You can find more information here (make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page).


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Support available for creative COVID initiatives

Support available for creative COVID initiatives

Do you have a great idea about how to help the Strathbogie Shire community during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

Through a new round of community grants, we are supporting creative initiatives that increase social connection, reduce isolation, and improve physical and mental health during these difficult times.

Applications are now open for the COVID-19 Response Community Grants of up to $5,000, which support one-off programs that strengthen community ties, while helping our citizens to recover from the impacts of coronavirus restrictions.

Groups and organisations are encouraged to come up with innovative ways to achieve positive outcomes. One example could be inviting a special guest speaker to conduct an online presentation, or training others how to use digital communication platforms such as Zoom.

Strathbogie Shire Mayor, Cr Amanda McClaren, said she wants to see applications that demonstrate thinking outside of the box.

"We want to get community groups brainstorming about how they can be creative in engaging with their members, as they are supported through the pandemic," Cr McClaren said.

"We are seeking applications from eligible community groups who want to implement one-off programs, adapt existing services, or implement activities that strengthen our community.

"These grants form part of Strathbogie Shire's RE3 campaign, which encourages us all to reset, reboot and revitalise."

While our community grants program usually comprises four categories, the focus this year is solely on assisting the response to COVID-19.

Who is eligible

Local community groups with programs that provide a direct benefit to the residents of Strathbogie Shire.

Applications are open to groups adapting existing services, programs, or activities to operate under COVID-19 restrictions.

How to apply

Applications open from 9am Wednesday, 16 September 2020, and close at 11.59pm on Friday, 13 November, 2020.

Please submit your application online through our website:

Community grants

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Postcards to restore social lifelines

Postcards to restore social lifelines

A heartfelt postcard from a loved-one is a time-honoured way of showing support during a difficult time.

So, Strathbogie Shire has launched its creative postcard initiative as a way of keeping all community members connected with family and friends during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a time when many are finding it difficult to keep in touch.

The postcards, which feature striking images of Strathbogie Shire, encourage senders to let others know they are thinking of them. They are available at convenient collection points shire-wide.

Strathbogie Shire Mayor, Cr Amanda McClaren, said the program aims to ensure all members of our community remain engaged and connected.

"Not everyone feels comfortable using online social platforms such as Facebook or Zoom. Many people prefer the very personal act of writing down their feelings and expressing them through an attractively designed postcard," Cr McClaren said.

"For the recipient, going out to their letterbox and collecting one of these cards could be just the tonic they need to brighten their day."

Cr McClaren said staying in contact with others has never been more important.

"Council is feeling for everyone impacted by the pandemic, particularly those who are vulnerable and may be cut-off from their social lifelines," Cr McClaren said.

"This postcard initiative is a great way to improve wellbeing and emotional health. We want to see members of our community taking care of their wellbeing, and caring for others, as we support each other through this time."

Meanwhile, the project is also a great way to keep a record of what life is like in Strathbogie Shire during the pandemic.

The postcards are available locally at selected post offices, supermarkets and community hubs in Strathbogie Shire.

Thinking of You postcard

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Working together to adopt a better local law

Working together to adopt a better local law

Strathbogie Shire Council last night adopted a new local law that shows how working with the community means better decisions for our municipality.

A total of 66 submissions were received on Council's Draft Community Local Law No.2, more than 20 people attended online sessions to provide their thoughts and advice and Council officers had about 80 one-on-one phone discussions.

Strathbogie Shire Mayor Cr Amanda McClaren said through this feedback, Council had made several significant changes from the draft document to the Community Local Law No.2 adopted tonight.

She said the Community Local Law No.2 aimed to ensure the safety of the community and protect its amenity.

"This is a seriously important document for Council because it protects the amenity of our Shire," Cr McClaren said.

"We are so lucky to live in such a special place and to call Strathbogie Shire home."

Changes included in the Community Local Law No.2 adopted by Council include:

  • The removal of the permit to move stock within the Shire, while safety requirements continue.
  • The removal of a permit requirement to launch drones from Council-managed land.
  • The clarification that a requirement to remove (pick up) animal excrement applies to domestic animals in townships.
  • The removal of a permit requirement to use shipping containers for agricultural use in the farming zone, proving they are appropriately screened or located, and;
  • The removal of a permit requirement to busk in our Shire.

"Council doesn't create these local laws to make it hard on our residents. They are not designed to restrict activities or stymie creativity," she said.

"This local law is about making sure activities are carried out safely and people living in our Shire are protected.

"More than this is about protecting the amenity and beauty of our municipality."

Upon adoption the new Community Local Law No.2 - the Strathbogie Shire Council Community Local Law No. 6 (2010) will be repealed.

Local Law adopted

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RE3 COVID Response Community Grant

We recognise the significant impact COVID-19 has had on individuals, families and the organisations and groups that provide services across our community.

Through a new round of community grants, we are supporting creative initiatives that increase social connection, reduce isolation, and improve physical and mental health during these difficult times.

As part of supporting the community, we are providing COVID Response Community grants of up to $5,000 to assist organisations and groups to address the impacts of COVID-19 within their community.

These grants form part of our RE3 campaign which encourages us all to reset, reboot and revitalise. While our community grants program usually comprises four categories, the focus this year is solely on assisting with the response to COVID-19.

RE3 COVID Response Community Grant Resources

Fact Sheet

Grant Guidelines

Start your application



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My Strathbogie Bulletin out now

My Strathbogie Bulletin out now

Our latest My Strathbogie Bulletin is out now. The August/September edition is packed full of news and information for our community.

Stories include:

  • Information on our Community Satisfaction Survey results and what's we doing to improve
  • An update on the work being done by our Working for Victoria team
  • Learn more about our innovative COVID-19 project – The Strathbogie Story
  • Important dates for the upcoming Local Government Elections
  • An in-depth look at the 2020/21 Budget and its capital works program, and
  • Other Council information.

The newsletter will be hitting your mailboxes now. But if you can't wait you can download a copy here.

Spring bulletin image

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Stand and deliver for your community

Stand and deliver for your community

Strathbogie Shire is seeking diverse and passionate representation from individuals committed to their community.

Could you be exactly what your community needs in 2020 and beyond?

Nominations for the upcoming local government elections must be lodged before 12noon on Tuesday, 22 September. So, if you've ever thought about contributing more for your community, now is the time to put your plan into action.

Sitting on council offers an incredible opportunity to create meaningful, long-lasting change through providing leadership across many local issues and services.

Councillors take a stand on decisions and planning for sporting and recreation facilities, or for libraries and local roads. They also provide input into decisions related to maternal health and childcare services, rubbish and recycling, and infrastructure essential for local amenity.

Strathbogie Shire Chief Executive Officer Julie Salomon said standing for council presents a chance to give back to your community.

"Being on council is a way to become actively involved in your community, while providing a clear and strong voice for your fellow citizens," Ms Salomon said.

"We strongly encourage all those who are considering to stand, or who have ever thought about standing, to nominate before the deadline.

"We want to hear voices from all cross-sections and backgrounds of our municipality. We want your unique qualities on council."

What attributes do I need?

Potential candidates may be surprised to learn they already possess many qualities required to represent their community at local government level. For example, skills such as public speaking, business acumen, leadership and budgeting are highly regarded.

On a regular basis, councillors are required to attend meetings, participate in civic events and can be called on to inspect planning or infrastructure projects.

While there are significant time commitments, there are options available to allow you to work flexibly; including for full-time employees and working-parents. Talking to a councillor in your area may help you to understand the role and the required commitment.

Before lodging a nomination, candidates are required to have completed the mandatory online candidate-training.

Elections and safety during Covid-19 pandemic

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has confirmed elections will be held state-wide through postal vote only, due do the Covid-19 pandemic. Through its COVIDSafe Election Plan, the VEC has also announced a series of measures to ensure the 24 October election will be safe and accessible for all participants, while complying with state and federal regulations.

While the plan will remain subject to change in the lead-up to the election, the VEC is taking steps to ensure the safety of all participants in the election process.

For more details on the 2020 local government election, visit or


2020 election image 

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Boomerang gang helping to beat isolation

Boomerang gang helping to beat isolation

Violet Town identity Robbie Rae hasn't seen her Melbourne-based family for well over six months due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the friendships she has formed through hand-making boomerang bags is helping her to manage the loneliness.

Robbie joined the group when it started three years ago, as a way to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags in her beloved town. However, the members quickly discovered the casual nature of the group, and the welcoming environment, was an ideal way to form new friendships.

Now, during the ongoing pandemic, the group are supporting each other's wellbeing at a time when isolation and a lack of connectedness are serious global issues. The close bonds they have formed have become social lifelines.

Robbie's story is featured on Strathbogie Shire Council's Strathbogie Story initiative ( designed to tackle isolation and loneliness in our community.

The group of community-based volunteers meet regularly to create and distribute handmade cloth bags around the town, which are to be returned (or 'boomeranged') after use.

"Being in a group like this, if you did need that support – you know you could ring anyone and they would be on your doorstep to help you," Robbie said.

"I haven't seen my family since Christmas and it's really hard. I'm starting to really feel it now, but they're in Melbourne and I can't do anything about that."

The group formed after a suggestion from Robbie, who, during her travels around Victoria as a Tidy Towns judge, noticed how much the participants were benefiting from the boomerang bags initiative. Not only were they creating valuable community resources, they were enjoying one another's company.

"Often, these were groups of people who wouldn't normally mix. There were people from all walks of life who were forming friendships," she said.

"In Violet Town, we started from humble beginnings. We put out the word and now it's grown. It's lovely to hear all the busy voices in the building."

The boomerang bags created in Violet Town are distributed to the corner store, the produce store and to the service station.

Operations have now extended to include designer boomerang bags, which Robbie says have been so popular they cannot keep up with demand. More recently, and as equally well received, they've started to hand-make facemasks.

Robbie said their friendships were examples of why she adores Violet Town, where she has called home for the past 30 years.

"Personally, I'm still finding it difficult not having that face-to-face contact with my family," she said.

"I just love this little community and how everyone has time for each other. That mentality will help people through this difficult time, because people feel so supported."

Robbie's story is part of The Strathbogie Story project, which aims to assist those who may feel overcome with loneliness and isolation, as we continue to support each other through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The initiative encourages community connection through sharing the experiences of our local identities. View more stories

Violet Town volunteer Robbie Rae

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Nominations open soon for Victorian local council elections

Nominations open soon for Victorian local council elections

Nominations to stand as a candidate in the 2020 local council elections open on Thursday 17 September.

Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately has issued a reminder to those considering standing: 'Nominations must be lodged with the Election Manager during the short nomination period, so prospective candidates should act quickly to make sure they are prepared.

'The eligibility requirements for candidates have recently changed. Prospective candidates should confirm their eligibility and complete the online mandatory local government candidate training before lodging their nomination. This includes candidates who are currently or have previously been a councillor.'

Prospective candidates must make an appointment during business hours with the Election Manager to lodge their nomination form and pay their $250 nomination fee by 12 noon Tuesday 22 September.

Election offices will be open for nominations during business hours from Thursday 17 September until 12 noon Tuesday 22 September.

To prepare, prospective candidates can:

  • watch the candidate information session online from Thursday 3 September at 
  • attend a state-wide interactive candidate seminar –held online at as follows:
    • 7 pm Wednesday 9 September
    • 1 pm Sunday 13 September
    • 5 pm Tuesday 15 September

Prospective candidates are strongly encouraged to watch the online information session at

Further information on nominating as a candidate is available at



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