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Your rates notice explained

Thursday, 29 August, 2019

Strathbogie Shire rates notices have started hitting email inboxes and will hit mailboxes in the coming days.

This financial year we have implemented a 2.25% increase in the average rate for 2019-20, below the State Government cap of 2.5%

The municipal charge has been reduced this year from $266 to $133 and we have given our farmers a further discount this year, from 82.5% of the residential rate to 80%

There has also been a revaluation of all properties this year and this will now happen annually.

As a result of the above changes, individual property increases may fall above or below the rate cap, but the cap applies to the average annual increase of rates and charges overall and not the individual property.

Please be aware the waste charge has increased by 4.1% to account for additional costs due to the challenges associated with the recycling industry.

The Fire Services Levy, which has also increased, is set by the State Government and we pass this money onto them to fund fire services.

The Victorian Government have recently announced a review of the Local Government Rating System and we encourage ratepayers to have their say.

We recognise the Strathbogie Shire has comparatively high rates, which has allowed us to make significant investment in our infrastructure to close the renewal gap and has put us in a strong financial position to attract funding from state and federal government, which often requires matched funding.

You can provide a submission at or attend the public consultation in Seymour on Tuesday 1st October at 7pm.

Click here if you would like to find out more about the 2019-20 Budget.

Click here to understand more about how rates are calculated.



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