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Electoral boundary and name changes

Tuesday, 3 July, 2018

The Australian Electoral Commission has announced the redistribution of electoral boundaries from mid-July, which will essentially divide the Strathbogie Shire in half.

Balmattum, Baddaginnie, Boho, Boho South, Creek Junction, Creightons Creek, Earlston, Euroa, Gooram, Kelvin View, Kithbrook, Koonda, Marraweeney, Ruffy, Sheans Creek, Strathbogie, Upotipotpon and Violet Town will be allocated into the Federal seat of Indi, under Ms Cathy McGowan MP.

Avenel, Nagambie, Graytown, Mangalore, Mitchellstown and Tabilk will remain in the seat of Murray under Mr Damian Drum MP, which will be renamed Nicholls.

Mayor Amanda McClaren said whilst she appreciates there may be mixed emotions about this change, having two Federal electorates could be a very good outcome for the shire.

“Having two Federal MPs gives us two voices at the Federal level of government which can only be a good thing,” Mayor McClaren said.

“We thank Mr Damian Drum MP for his support and representation of the entire Strathbogie Shire, and look forward to continuing to work closely with him.”

"During our recent trip to Canberra we met with both Mr Damian Drum MP and Ms Cathy McGowan MP and we look forward to continuing to strengthen these relationships moving forward."

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Sourced Australian Electoral Commission 2018

Sourced Australian Electoral Commission 2018


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