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Local businesses embrace sustainability

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017

Local café and produce store Fare Enough has made the environment a high priority in their operating procedures.

They have become so efficient with their waste management that they are ordering a second recycling bin through Strathbogie Shire Council.

Owners and operators Bibby and Carl Simmons are strong advocates for reducing their carbon footprint.

"We are really trying to recycle more and being more careful about the products we use and how we dispose of them," Bibby said.

Working in such a busy store, they are finding an excess of milk cartons, bottles and cardboard has led to the need for another recycling bin.

Fare Enough also utilises the green waste bins provided by Council, which they find great for their coffee grounds and food scraps.

"It took a little while to get a system in place, but now that we have a good system and our staff are on board it is really great," Bibby said.

Fare Enough doesn’t use any plastic bags, preferring paper bags, which they encourage their customers to reuse, and use bamboo plates and cutlery for catering, which are cleaned and reused.

They are jumping on board with reusable coffee cups, or Keep Me Cups, and will be purchasing these very shortly.

They are also looking into other sustainable practices including installing solar panels, which will be considered further down the track.

Owner of the Cherry Tree Café, Noel Welsh, is also on board with the Keep Me Cups, with an order on the way in the coming days.

Those who use a Keep Me Cup will get a discount on their coffee at both Fare Enough and the Cherry Tree.

"It’s a win-win situation for everyone, looking after the environment and reducing costs for businesses" Noel said.

Both businesses are setting a great precedent for waste management and sustainable practice in the Shire.


Fare Enough owner Bibby Simmons (right) has embraced recycling at her Euroa store, purchasing a second bin to reduce her carbon footprint. She is pictured with Fare Enough employee Michelle Jesser.

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