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NBN coming to Euroa

Thursday, 15 June, 2017

Residents of Euroa and surrounds in need of better internet services fear not – NBN is coming soon.

The National Broadband Network has been busy installing infrastructure of above and below ground equipment at nine, ‘fibre to the node’ (FTTN) cabinets in and around the Euroa township.

A Fibre Access Node (FAN) facility will also be located inside the Telstra Exchange building on McGuinness Street in Euroa.

The main cabinets being installed are powered hubs that are capable of connecting between 300-400 homes in fixed-line areas.

They house equipment which transmits the high-speed broadband signals, with the distribution and local cables entering the node from underground.

The nodes/micronodes are green in colour and stand on a concrete plinth and are fed by the fibre network and connect into the existing copper network.

Below are the seven node and two micronode locations around Euroa, all located within the road reserves (nature strips):

 33 Templeton Street (Node)

 62-64 Tarcombe Street, but physically located on Vidler Street (Micronode)

 124 Binney Street (Node)

 15 Weir Street (Node)

 19 DeBoos Street, but physically located on Williams Street (Node)

 5 Balmattum North Road (Micronode)

 Opposite 30 Frost Street, buy physically located on Rowe Street (Node)

 24A Brock Street (Node)

 3 Mansfield Road (Node)

While the NBN installation is still ongoing, it will be a while yet until residents can benefit from the improved internet connectivity.

Mayor Amanda McClaren said Strathbogie Shire Council were pleased to see the residents of Euroa will benefit from improved high speed internet services with the recent roll-out of NBN in Euroa.

"We recognise the importance of internet connectivity and mobile phone coverage for our communities and will continue to lobby for improved services for our Shire residents," she said.

For more information on NBN and to keep updated with its progress, visit

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