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Coronavirus information

Accessing property to undertake fire and flood preparedness

Strathbogie Shire has committed to balancing COVID-safe practices with ensuring all property owners can prepare accordingly for the coming fire danger period. Click here to find out more information about fire and flood preparedness. 

Free facemasks for community

The Strathbogie Shire has been allocated a quantity of cloth masks by the Department of Health and Human Services. They are now available in all Shire townships at the chemist or pharmacy and post offices.

It is noted that wearing a face covering helps keep us all safe as it is known that coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread from close contact with a person with coronavirus.

According to DHHS face coverings help stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs, or sneezes, including someone who has coronavirus but feels well.

With more people moving across our city and regional areas the public health team have advised the rules around wearing a mask needed to be strengthened. So masks must cover the nose and mouth and it is no longer permissible to wear a scarf or a bandana or a clear face shield.

A face mask must be worn when leaving your home unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so. This mask must cover both your nose and mouth. See the DHHS website for washing instructions.

The health and safety of our residents is critical, and you can find the free masks at your local chemist or pharmacy and post office. If you are unable to procure masks there please phone the Shire office on 1800 065 993.

For further information:

Premier's update as of Tuesday 27 October 2020

Premier Dan Andrews has congratulated regional Victorians saying that we should be proud of our success in keeping COVID-19 at bay. Shepparton too can join with regional Victoria now after their response to testing over the past few weeks.

As part of the Third Step indoor gyms and fitness spaces will be able to open for up to 20 people, with a maximum of ten per space and a density of one person per 8 square metres.

Indoor pools will open to 20. Indoor sport will begin for those 18 and under.

Food courts can open. Live music can resume as part of outdoor hospitality.

School graduations can be held within school communities.

And for religious celebrations, 20 people can gather indoors with their faith leader – or 50 outdoors.

Click here for further details.

Reasons to leave your home

There are no restrictions for reasons to leave the house, except when this would necessitate travel to an area under higher restrictions.

Intrastate travel is allowed within regional Victoria. Travelling through metropolitan Melbourne to another regional destination is allowed if necessary.

Work and study

Work from home if you can. Adult education students - learn from home if you can.

Grade 6 & Year 12 Graduations:
• Permitted if within the existing grade cohort (eg whole grade six cohort, not individual classes0
• Students and staff only. Can be broadcast for parents and others.
• COVIDSafe requirementsSpecialist schools will continue on-site learning.

Gatherings of people

Home: up to two people plus dependents can visit a household once per day. Each household can only have two visitors per day. The two people may be from different households

Public places: up to 10 people outdoors, infants under 12 months not included in cap.

Sport and recreation

Indoor Physical Recreation for those aged 18 and under:
• Non-contact physical recreation for those aged 18 years and under to a maximum of 20 people (e.g. dance classes)
• Non-contact physical recreation means that the activity can be done with a distance of 1.5m
• Spectators limited to one parent, guardian or carer only, where the child requires parental supervision

Indoor Community Sport:
• Non-contact sport for those aged 18 years and under
• Non-contact sport means a sport capable of being done with a distance of 1.5m
• Spectators limited to one parent, guardian or carer only, where the child requires parental supervision

Indoor non-contact fitness (including gyms) to resume with:
• density quotient of 1 per 8 sqm and patron cap of 10 per space (max 10 per group/class), cap of 20 per venue
• COVIDSafe practices
• Indoor physical recreation businesses to only provide services to patrons from regional Victoria until settings in metropolitan Melbourne are aligned with regional Victoria. Businesses must use reasonable endeavours to check the place of residence of patron

Community facilities

Libraries and toy libraries: Gathering limit of 20 people maximum indoors, with no more than 10 in a space, subject to density quotient.

Community venues: closed except for
• hosting an essential public support service (20 people); hosting an essential support group (20 people); hosting a wedding (10 people) or funeral (20 people); or providing an exclusive venue for a single school at any one time for educational purposes; and
• activities in an outdoor space, subject to the public gathering limits, plus the person required to conduct the activity


Food and drink facilities open for seated indoor and outdoor service (both food and/or drink):
• Maximum 10 people per group, seated 1.5m from other groups (both within the venue and between patrons at adjacent venues)
• For indoor space; Open with a cap of 10 persons per indoor space, with a maximum of 40 patrons per venue indoors, subject to density requirements (1 per 4m2).
• For outdoor space; Increasing to a patron cap of 70 patrons per venue outdoors subject to the density quotient (1 per 2m2).

Live music permitted outdoors only with band included in venue limit, members must be at least two metres apart, wear a face mask. Other requirements apply.

Hospitality in arenas/racetracks; hospitality venues in other sectors such as sports arenas are subject to same restrictions as other hospitality if open to the public.

Food courts: open
Indoor seating: a maximum of two people per table, venue limited to the lesser of 25 per cent of venue's fixed seating capacity or a density quotient of one person per eight square metres. This would be subject to regular cleaning and taking of names.

Outdoor space: Outdoor areas with a maximum of 50 diners per area, group limited of 10, each area separated by 10 metres from the next. Maximum of 4 areas (200 people)

Shopping, retail and personal services

Hairdressing, beauty and personal care services: open, with requirement that only services where the client can wear a face covering for the duration of the service or procedure are permitted (e.g. hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, body waxing, tattooing).

Market stalls: open.

Auction houses: open.

Real estate auctions: can be conducted on site if outdoors up to 10 members of the public, plus the minimum number of people required to conduct the auction and the owners and/or residents of the property

Real estate inspections: allowed in accordance with record keeping requirements and density quotients, limit to 10 people form any number of households, subject to density quotient


Indoor entertainment venues: (including cinemas, performing arts and music venues) closed

Museums and galleries (indoor): closed

Nightclubs and karaoke (indoor): closed

Retail betting venue:
• if wholly contained within a licensed premises: open, subject to both licenced premises and retail restrictions, including seated only service
• if not wholly contained within a licensed premises: open subject to requirements on open retail

Adult entertainment: closed

Non-seated outdoor attractions (excluding events): (large outdoor areas where people are unlikely to congregate, such as zoos or live museums like Sovereign Hill):
• indoor spaces closed except toilets and thoroughfare to outdoor spaces (e.g. foyer, reception)
• outdoor spaces open with density quotient

All require a COVIDSafe Plan, venues with 500 or more capacity at one time must publish their COVIDSafe Plan online prior to opening

Seated outdoor spaces with fixed seating: open
• Groups up to 10 people, seated 1.5m apart from other groups
• Members of the public must be seated
• Number of members of the public limited to the lower of 50 people or 25% of the venue's fixed seat capacity •
• Stadiums and arenas can operate for exclusive use by a single school for educational purpose

Indoor space: closed, except toilets and where used as a thoroughfare to outdoor space (e.g. foyer, reception area) and exceptions for broadcasting and professional sport

Ceremonies and religious gatherings

Indoor religious gatherings: Allowed for up to 20 people, plus one faith leader.
• Strict requirements to be contained in a COVIDSafe Plan
• Can only have one gathering at a time whether indoor or outdoor

Outdoor religious gatherings and ceremonies: up to 50 people, plus 1 faith leader, proximate to a place of worship
• Can only have one gathering at a time whether indoor or outdoor

Private worship: allowed for up to two adults and their dependents, plus a faith leader
Weddings: up to 10 people outdoors, including couple and two witnesses, celebrant and one photographer excluded from cap

• Indoors – 20 indoors
• Outdoors – 50 outdoors o infants under 12 months and people to conduct funeral not included in cap


Open, for travel within regional Victoria
• each group booking is restricted to: -
• Only members of a single household; OR
• Only intimate partners; OR
• Only members of a single household and two adults and their dependent children or dependents; AND
• Cannot stay with people living in metropolitan Melbourne; AND
• Members of separately booked groups do not share bedrooms at the facility 

Tourism (tours and transport)

Outdoor spaces: tour vehicles that supports the primary outdoor offering of the tourism facility, for trips of up to 30 minutes

Smaller vehicles: private gathering limit of household plus 2 people and their dependents

Larger vehicles: up to 10 people, infants under 12 months not included in cap.

For further information visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest advice.


Please stay safe

Council will continue to do all we can to support the Victorian Government's work to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep our community safe.

We urge people to protect themselves and others. To do this you must:

  • Wear a mask or face covering when outside of home
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Maintain physical distancing, keep at least 1.5m away from others
  • Understand the risk and symptoms
  • Help continue to slow the spread of COVID-19 by getting tested, even if you have mild symptoms
  • Stay home and avoid contact if you're feeling unwell
  • Take care wherever you go, assume others may be carrying the virus.

Anyone with health concerns can phone the Victorian Government's coronavirus (COVID-19) hotline on 1800 675 398 or visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest advice.

Getting tested

We encourage anyone with coronavirus symptoms to get tested immediately. Pop-up testing clinics are changing regularly so visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest advice.

If there are no clinics listed near you, contact your doctor for help. Please make sure you phone ahead to discuss your symptoms before you visit in person.

Alternatively, Benalla Health has established a fever clinic in the health service grounds for testing. For more information see their website. There are also clinics in Shepparton and Seymour and more information is on the department's website.


The symptoms to watch for are:

  • Fever
  • Chills or sweats
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste

Healthy Ageing

A new publication aimed at helping older residents stay active and connected within COVID-19 restrictions is now available throughout the municipality.

The September 2020 issue of Healthy Ageing: Staying connected during COVID-19 is now available here.

Relief for ratepayers and local businesses

Strathbogie Shire Council has introduced measures designed to assist ratepayers and business owners who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiatives are:

  • No overdue/outstanding interest to be added to assessments for the period from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020.
  • No business registration fees for the 2020/21 financial year to become a registered premise, which includes food business, hairdressers, etc.

For more information read our fact sheet here.

State and Federal Government initiatives to support businesses

To access available business support offers click here to see a list of State and Federal Government initiatives to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch updates from our Mayor

Council Services available under Stage 3 restrictions

A quick reference point for anyone wishing to access Council services can be found on this webpage. It is updated as restrictions change so we encourage you to continue to monitor it.

RE3 COVID Community Recovery Plan

You can also download a PDF version here.

Information in other languages

SBS Multilingual Coronavirus Portal is a dedicated online information hub for multicultural communities to easily access accurate and trusted news and information about COVID-19, in their language. SBS is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments and information is available in 63 languages.


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