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Strathbogie Shire residents are being asked to help shape our region’s future.

During the next nine months Strathbogie Shire Council will be calling for you to share your thoughts, feedback and advice to develop a Community Vision, Council Plan, Financial Plan and Asset Plan.

These important documents guide the work of Council over the coming years.


The Local Government Act Victoria 2020 requires Council adopt a Community Engagement Policy that includes deliberative engagement practices. These practices must then be used to ensure true community input into the development of the:

  • Community Vision
  • Council Plan
  • Financial Plan, and
  • Asset Plan

The Act provides Council’s until March 1 to have a Community Engagement Policy adopted. The Council Plan, Financial Plan and Asset Plan deadline is October 31 this year.

This is the first time our Council has used deliberative engagement practices. We’re working hard to improve our communications and engagement practice to build confidence and trust in what we do.

We know, working with our community will mean we can achieve great things. Our goal is a shared vision, a common direction, a united community.

With people power we can ensure our Shire (the place we already know is unbelievably special) is even better.

Good deliberative engagement will ensure our community is heard. We will be open, honest and transparent. Most importantly, deliberation puts the community at the heart of the decision-making process.

The important plans for our future

The new Local Government Act 2020 says every new Council is required to develop a Community Vision, Council Plan, Financial Plan and Asset Plan. We’re calling them ‘The Big Four’, but the following is probably a better explanation.

Community Vision: An inspirational description of our community's future. Our vision will be how we articulate and describe our future - a place where our community agrees it would like to journey together. We will use our Community Vision as a goal we work towards for current and future generations.

Council Plan: A four-year plan that outlines key strategies and initiatives to be delivered during the Council term that will help achieve the Community Vision. Our Council Plan will incorporate the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan - a four-year plan that includes priorities and goals to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.

Financial Plan: A 10-year plan that outlines how we will responsibly manage community funds and ensure our Shire is financially sustainable.

Asset Plan: A 10-year plan outlining the maintenance, purchase, expansion, upgrade, sale or decommissioning of different types of infrastructure we are responsible for.

Have your say

There are many stages to our community consultation process – so there are many opportunities to have your say.

We encourage you to keep a close eye on our social media channels, watch our regular advert in the Euroa Gazette, Nagambie Voice and community newsletters.

The following is what you can expect in each stage.

Stage one. Values. March: We want to know what you value. What’s important to our community.

In this stage we’ll be asking you a few key questions, these are:

  • What do you love about Strathbogie Shire?
  • What can we do to make it even better?
  • What do you think you can live without?

For Council balancing service levels with liveability and cost is always a challenge. But before we can start talking costs, we need to ensure we know what’s important to you.

In this stage we’ll be hitting the streets visiting townships throughout the Shire. We’re hosting drop-in days in Strathbogie, Euroa, Nagambie, Violet Town, Longwood, Avenel and Ruffy.

You can find more information about the Share Strathbogie sessions and dates and times here.

Stage two. Online activation. April: We know there are members of our community who can’t always make it to a drop-in session, or perhaps they want to have their say in private.

In this stage we will activate an online engagement hub. Filled with ideas walls, surveys and more.

This provides you with the opportunity to have your say using a ‘screen name’ it’s an opportunity for those who don’t always feel confident to share their ideas publicly.

After we understand what’s important to you (via the information we gathered in stage one) we can now start asking you to prioritise.

Stage three. Community Forum: This is the deliberative engagement part of the process. During this stage we will work with the community to develop our Community Vision and Council Plan.

Our community forum will see a representative sample of our community come together to tackle issues, weigh up options and make recommendations to Council.

This process will be independently facilitated to ensure integrity and trust in the process.

Our new Council is committed to being brave. To not shying away from tough conversations and making better decision with you - our community.

Stage four. Further feedback:In this stage we’ll release draft documents to test that we’ve captured your thinking. This will your last opportunity to make sure we’ve captured your thoughts.

Stage five. Closing the loop: Releasing our finalised ‘Big Four’.

So why should you get involved?

We all what to live in a flourishing region. But, we all have different ideas on what makes it great and how we need to focus our work to get there.

You input will ensure we invest in projects and services that matter to you.

This is your opportunity to ensure we are delivering the things that remind our community every day that we are lucky to live in Strathbogie Shire.

To read this imformation in a fact sheet click here.



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