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How to Apply

We have a great range of volunteer programs and are committed to matching the right people to the right roles to ensure our volunteers enjoy their roles and that our programs deliver great outcomes for the community. 

We have a simple application process that strives to ensure we match people up with suitable roles, but if we don’t have the right role for you, we may be able to suggest other volunteer organisations in the community.


The application process for all programs is:

1. Complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form (to request a copy to be posted to you, please call Council on 1800 065 993 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

2. Attend a mutual interview with the program coordinator to discuss what you are looking for in a volunteer role, and what our roles are like.

3. Consent to a National Records Check (Police Check) – this is mandatory for all volunteers over the age of 16 years, there are no other exemptions (we then update all police checks every three years).  The Council covers all costs of these checks.  Some very specific roles require a Working with Children Check (free for volunteers) – the program coordinator will let you know if this is required.

4. If both parties agree it is a good match, the coordinator will commence an orientation and induction for the new volunteer.  There is a bit of reading to do at this stage as we are required by law to give you several policies and procedures. 

5. If everyone is still happy to proceed, you can start your volunteering role!  We don’t throw volunteers in at the deep end though; you will be mentored until you feel confident in the role.

About Police Checks

National Criminal Records Check, commonly known as Police Checks, are now used by many organisations as part of their 'risk management' strategy and act as a deterrent to people who have a criminal history.  Many of our programs deliver services to vulnerable people and so we take our responsibilities to them seriously by ensuring we have a sound risk management strategy in place of which police checks are a part.  However, many offences that may appear on a police check are not an issue (for example, failing to vote in a federal election can end up on a police check for ten years but won't exclude you from volunteering with us) but some kinds of offences will automatically exclude you; these include but are not limited to theft/fraud and violent offences. 

All conversations and documents relating to police checks are treated as highly confidential so please don't hesitate to discuss this with the relevant program coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

Traditionally getting a police check done could take one to two months, involved getting certified copies of identification done, and could be quite onerous.  To make the process easier for volunteers, we now use an online Police Check service and the results are usually returned within three minutes (although some can take up to three days).  All volunteers aged over 16 years must consent to a police check upon application and then every three years thereafter. 

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