Strathbogie Shire Council uses “SmartyGrants” for all community funding applications. SmartyGrants is the most-used grant-making system in Australia, managing the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars in grants annually and handling more than 350,000 forms per year.

Creating an account

Firstly, create an account with SmartyGrants using your email address and chosen password. Once you have registered an account, use the same email and password for any future applications created using SmartyGrants.

It is preferred, if possible, to use the email of your group if you have one. This way anyone from your community group can access the system to work on the applications. It also ensures, in the event officer bearers change, that the access to the system remains with the group. If you forget your login details, contact SmartyGrants directly to reset your account:


Address: 51 Stanley St, West Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9320 6888

Existing Applicants

To access an existing application, terms and conditions or acquittal documents for any Community Funding or Sponsorship with Council, use the following link: