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Community Planning Program

Council aims to assist and strengthen our communities to help them become more environmentally and socially sustainable, foster a sense of community spirit and pride and increase residents' involvement in community life.

Community planning is about enabling communities to identify, find solutions and implement projects that address social, environmental, health and wellbeing, infrastructure, cultural and economic goals, issues and opportunities.

Community planning will be undertaken by Community Planning Reference Groups*. Community Planning Reference Groups represent the community through a democratic process of open, community planning sessions.

The key responsibilities of the Committee is to provide feedback and advice to Council on the following objectives:

• Represent the community through a democratic process of open, community planning sessions and the development of a Community Plan
• Implement actions which are identified in the Community Plan which strengthen and develop communities.
• Advocate on behalf of the community to other government agencies for appropriate funding for initiatives identified by communities.
• Balancing the present and future interests of all Shire residents and visitors.

*The name Community Planning Reference Groups refers to all groups who have an agreement with council under the Community Planning Program regardless of their name or committee structure.



It is essential to check the Community Planning Guidelines before you submit your application.

Click on the link to download the Community Planning Guidelines.

To receive funds through the Community Planning Program, Community Planning Reference Groups need to:

• Have a Council endorsed and supported Community Plan for that community;
• Undertake a project that is detailed or prioritised within the community plan; and
• Undertake the allocation of funds to projects within the boundaries of the Shire of Strathbogie.

The following documents provide further information:

Developing a Community Plan

Frequently Asked Questions



Community Planning Reference Groups can apply by clicking here:

To receive Community Planning Grant Funding each Community Planning Reference Group must have completed a Community Plan.

Annual Action Plans are to be completed through the funding submission process.


Community Plans

A Community Plan informs decision-making on strategies and actions of the community and actions and initiatives may evolve to allow new or alternative outcomes which are clearly linked to the community plan. The development of the community plan is through engagement with the local community.


Avenel             Avenel Community Plan 2018-2022 
Euroa Euroa Community Action Plan 2018-2021 
Graytown Graytown Community Action Plan 2017-2021 
Longwood Longwood Community Action Plan 2018 
Nagambie Nagambie Community Action Plan 2017-2021
Ruffy Ruffy Community Plan 2018-2022
Strathbogie STAG Community Action Plan 2019 - 2023
Violet Town Violet Town Community Action Plan 2019-2023



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