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Scooter Recharge points

Roll Up, Plug In, Switch On

The Strathbogie Shire Council has just finished coordinating the installation of seven Recharge Points in various community locations across the Shire. Recharge points are for people who use electric scooters or wheelchairs to recharge their batteries when out and about if they are concerned they won’t have enough charge left to get home.

For people using electric scooters or wheelchairs, the worry of running out of battery and not being able to get home can be enough to stop them venturing out in the first place. Knowing that there are places to recharge can alleviate those worries and supports people to access more opportunities to participate in the community.

Recharge points have been installed in the following locations;

  • Nagambie Library
  • Nagambie Median Strip on Public Toilets wall
  • Euroa Third Age Club
  • Euroa Cinema
  • Euroa Library
  • Violet Town Community Centre
  • Avenel Memorial Hall

The locations of the points are also listed on the official RECHARGE Scheme website where people can look up the locations of recharge points across the state – Recharge Scheme

Different wheelchairs and scooters have different recharge systems so people who want to use the recharge points need to bring along their own recharge cables/transformers.

 For further information please call us on 1800 065 993 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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