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Family rapt with cloth nappy rebate

1 Aug 2022

Euroa parents Hannah and Chris Capstick are rapt they have switched to cloth nappies for their fourth child Matilda, born in late May, 2022.

Thanks to Strathbogie Shire Council’s six-month trial rebate for cloth nappies and associated products, the Capsticks are reducing their household’s waste to landfill and living costs.

Matilda is an adored sister for Lily, 7, Charlotte, 4, and Archie, 2, who only wore disposable nappies as infants and toddlers. However, Mrs Capstick said Archie will soon change to reusable cloth nappies until he is toilet trained.

“Cloth nappies have been easier to use than I thought,” Mrs Capstick said.

“I would definitely recommend the fitted cloth nappies to other parents. I wish I had tried them earlier.”

Despite caring for a newborn in the middle of winter, Mrs Capstick said she had “kept up the washing” for the family of six.

“The nappies are rinsed on the washing machine’s rinse cycle before going into the [family’s general] washing and dry relatively quickly on the clothes horse,” she said.

“I like that they are environmentally friendly. They are also cute, and I think the natural fibres on the skin and around Matilda’s legs is more comfortable; there seems to be less nappy rash.”

Having changed thousands of disposables before Matilda’s arrival, Mrs Capstick said “hopefully first-time mums try cloth nappies earlier than me”.

“The Council rebate is a great incentive,” she said.

The Cloth Nappy Reimbursement Program opened on May 1, 2022 and applications close November 30, 2022. Council created the trial program to help families reduce waste to landfill.

The reimbursement covers a maximum of $150, or 50 per cent off the purchase price of cloth and swim nappies; reusable nappy liners, wipes, and nursing pads; and wet bags.

“I always thought cloth nappies were too expensive; the only reason I bought some [for my fourth baby] was because of the Council rebate,” Mrs Capstick said.

“At the time it seemed like a lot of money to spend $300 outright, so I spent $100 on cloth nappies and received a $50 rebate; but I’ve used them so much that I bought more – they are definitely worth the initial outlay.”

Have you considered using cloth nappies?

Disposable nappies currently account for 10 per cent of Australia’s waste going to landfill; taking 500 years to decompose and releasing a significant amount of methane (21 per cent more potent than carbon dioxide) in the decomposition process.

Strathbogie Shire Mayor Laura Binks said Council was excited to help residents purchase cloth nappies and associated products, which were a better alternative for the environment.

“Most babies need about 6500 nappy changes, which is about 19 wheelie bins of disposable nappies heading to landfill (taking 500 years to decompose),” Cr Binks said.

“Buying disposables until a child is toilet trained is estimated to cost parents up to $3000 but a new set of modern cloth nappies costs about $800 – even less with our cloth nappy rebate.”

Cr Binks said parents were still better off financially with reusable cloth even when adding utility costs of water.

“Even when you include washing, cloth nappies are a better choice for the planet; reducing landfill waste, water and energy consumption, and use of raw materials.”

Cloth Nappy Reimbursement Application

To claim the Strathbogie Shire Cloth Nappy Reimbursement, residents must provide proof of address via a recent rates notice, utility bill, lease agreement or similar; and receipt of purchase which includes the company, purchase date and cost, and name of items.

Complete the application form at https://tinyurl.com/esua6226

For more information, phone 1800 065 993 or email info@strathbogie.vic.gov.au


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