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Information regarding the Euroa Saleyards





The Euroa Saleyards have recently been redeveloped to include a sawtooth roof design covering 112 pens.

The facilities also include:

  • Soft floor
  • Steel yards
  • Water to all pens
  • Sprinkler system
  • Four ramps for quick unloading and loading. Suitable for B double and side loading.
  • Sealed truck unloading area and access road
  • Modern toilet block
  • Catering facilities
  • Scanning facilities for NLIS transfer of ownership
  • Security service night before and on sale days

(photo courtesy of the Euroa Gazette Newspaper)


The Euroa Saleyards are located at the corner of Boundary Road and Birkett Street, Euroa.

Home of the now famous Black Angus Feature sales, the facility has a total capacity of 3200.

The Euroa Saleyards have recently been redeveloped to include a sawtooth designed roof covering 112 pens at a total cost of $454,000 (approx).

The new roof has maximised natural lighting (whilst also providing artificial lighting) and ventilation.

Rainwater is also being collected off the new roof for re-use at the yards.

After the success of Stage 1, completed in 2015, Council embarked on a stage two roof extension, also incorporating the following works:

  • Relocating overhead power lines
  • A new laneway to improve cattle circulation
  • Roof extension covering an additional 40 pens
  • Upgrade of kiosk and meeting room

Stage 2 was completed in April 2017, with plans already underway for Stage 3 (worth an estimated $525,000) which includes:

  • A roof over pens S1-12
  • New pens at the existing pen area, numbers 153-176
  • New scales to be placed in a more usable space
  • Relocation of loading ramp D1 to location D2


Saleyards Stage 1 construction

Saleyards Stage 1 roof construction

Saleyards Stage 2 roof extension - 2016/17


Saleyards Stage 2 officially opened by Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development Jaala Pulford in 2017

Euroa Saleyards on a typical sale day


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