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Current Planning Scheme Amendments

C75 Nagambie Industrial Land Rezoning

This amendment seeks to rezone approximately 30 hectares of land at 357 Habel Road, Nagambie from Farming Zone to Industrial 1 Zone. It also seeks to apply a Development Plan Overlay to the land.

The amendment is on exhibition until 30 September 2016. Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission to the planning authority about the amendment before 30 September 2016.
A submission must be sent to the Strathbogie Shire Council, 109A Binney Street, Euroa VIC 3666

The following documents form part of the amendment:

Council is also holding a drop-in information session. This is an opportunity to speak with representatives from Council and the proponent to find out more about the Amendment. Details of the drop-in information session are:

Date: Wednesday 14th September 2016

Time: 4-6pm

Location: Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre (Upstairs meeting room), 69 Loddings Lane, Nagambie

The session is open to all members of the public. You do not have to notify Council if you wish to attend one of these sessions, simply come in at any time between 4pm and 6pm. If you cannot attend this session but would like more information, please contact Council to arrange a meeting.


C04 Heritage Amendment

This amendment seeks to apply the Heritage Overlay (HO) to individual properties and precincts throughout the shire. This is based on the recommendations of the Strathbogie Heritage Study, which you can view by clicking here

The amendment was exhibited in November 2014 and a number of submissions were received. At a Planning Committee Meeting on 14 July 2015, Council determined to split the amendment into two parts:

- Part 1 to Amendment C04 for the Individual sites only

- Part 2 to Amendment C04 for the properties proposed to be contained within the Precincts

You can see the minites of this meeting by clicking here

At a Planning Committee Meeting on 28 June 2016, Council determined to abandon Part 1 of the amendment. The Amendment now only relates to individual places. 


C73 Strathbogie Wastewater Management Facilities Buffer Zones

Goulburn Valley Region Water Corporation and Strathbogie Shire Council are investigating the application of a planning overlay on buffer zones to the Goulburn Valley Water Wastewater Management Facilities at Euroa, Violet Town, Nagambie and Avenel.

The buffer zone is intended to cover areas that may be subject to odour emissions from existing Wastewater Management Facilities. The buffer zones have been modelled based on current Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria Guidelines.

As part of the preliminary investigations, Council is holding drop-in information sessions in Nagambie and Euroa in April 2016 to speak to potentially affected property owners.

Following these sessions, Goulburn Valley Region Water Corporation and Strathbogie Shire Council will finalise the preparation of the amendment documentation. After this, a report will be put to Council to determine whether to formally proceed with the amendment. If Council determines to do this, a formal public exhibition period will occur later in 2016.


C77 Anomalies Amendment

At a Planning Committee Meeting on 9 August 2016, Council determined to request the Minister for Planning to approve Planning Scheme Amendment C77.

This is a tidy up amendment to fix up the zoning of 15 properties, where there is an obvious error. It will remove the need for a planning permit in many instances and will not affect rates. All affected land owners have been contacted by Council Officers.

You can view all the amendment documentation on Pages 45 to 58 of the Agenda, click below to view

Agenda for Planning Committee Meeting 090816


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