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Strathbogie’s Environmental Heritage

Lopping or removing a tree on your property

Before you lop or remove any native tree, you should find out whether it is protected by legislation.

Although Council recognises some residents need to consider removals, you may face prosecution and enforcement action if you breach the Strathbogie Planning Scheme.

Some 95 per cent of unlawful native vegetation removals are brought to our attention by everday residents of the Shire of Strathbogie, so it pays to speak to Council first.

You will need either a planning permit or a Council staff member's advice to remove native trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses.

Our Planning Department is only a phone call away on 1800 065 993 or

The Strathbogie Shire Planning Scheme contains a number of exemptions where you don't need a permit, but require an officer to sign off on your plan, for example, to remove:

  • Vegetation around your rural property for protection from bushfire
  • Removal or lopping of native vegetation so you can construct a fence

Our staff will advise you to what extent these and other exemptions relate to your land and how best to apply the Planning Scheme's "minimise and avoid" ruling.



Lopping or removing a tree on Crown Land

Strathbogie Shire is widely recognised as possessing some of the most ecologically valuable roadsides in the nation, and supporting some of Australia's most ancient remnant landscapes.

Much has been cleared for farming and other uses, but our roadside trees are true arks from a time we will never know again.

Many of our trees have been growing since before the Mona Lisa was created, yet have a value far less than Da Vinci's painting.

Regardless of the nature of works, or the content of our Planning Scheme, residents must obtain permissin from Council if they wish to undertake any activity on Crown Land managed by Council.

This includes roadsides, reserves, parks, and any other publically managed entity owned by the citizens of Victoria and managed in perpetuity by the Shire of Strathbogie.

You will need either a planning permit or a Council staff member's advice to remove native trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses.

You may also require a Permit to Work on a Road Reserve, which ensures road users, underground services and yourself are not harmed.

You can contact our Planning Department on 1800 065 993 or


Significant trees and land

In many areas of cultural heritage significance, such as areas or sites affected by a Heritage Overlay, you may need a planning permit to remove both native and non-native vegetation such as exotic garden trees.

You will need either a planning permit and a Council staff member's advice to remove native trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses.

Our Planning Department is only a phone call away on 1800 065 993 or


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Shire pledges to reduce emissions at CPP

Monday, 24 July, 2017

Strathbogie Shire Council was one of 35 Councils in Australia to join the Cities Power Partnership (CPP) at the official launch on Wednesday 19 July.

The CPP is a national program of the Climate Council created to accelerate, celebrate and promote local government successes in achieving carbon emission reductions and facilitating the transition towards a clean energy future.

The program has engaged councils to generate global momentum for climate action, allowing them to sidestep political roadblocks and red tape to get on with the job and deliver results.

Through the partnership, each council commits to five action items with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy capacity in their area.

Council’s actions will come from their Sustainable Strathbogie 2030 Strategy, as part of the new Council Plan and Budget, and will particularly focus on protection of native vegetation and exploring renewable energy options.

Participating in the CPP will allow Council to have a national voice on climate change, share ideas with other councils and gain expert advice and support through the CPP knowledge hub.

Council has already got some exciting initiatives underway, including the Bogie Bulk Buy Program, launching next Saturday, 29 July in Euroa, and the construction of a six bay Tesla Supercharger station at the Kirkland Avenue carpark.

Mayor Amanda McClaren said she was very honoured to be a part of the launch of the CPP and believes it’s a great way to connect with other councils to generate necessary action.

"Joining the CPP provides a unique opportunity for our Council to have national voice on the issue of Climate Change and represent rural communities who so directly feel its impact," she said.

"We are so pleased to be a part of such a positive partnership and a great opportunity to gather with forward-thinking councils to share ideas and enthusiasm for this issue."

Cr McClaren said she looks forward to seeing the positive change this creates in the Shire and across Australia.

"Studies have shown that local councils in Australia have the capacity to influence over 50 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse emissions and the CPP is a great way to positively harness this," she said.


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Tobacco reform affecting hospitality venues in Shire

Friday, 21 July, 2017

Strathbogie Shire Council is reminding residents of brand new State Government legislation that restricts people from smoking outside cafes, restaurants and licensed premises where food and alcohol are served.

The legislation, in effect as of Tuesday, 1 August 2017, affects all restaurants, cafes, take-away shops and licensed premises, including courtyard dining areas and footpath dining with new bans on smoking (and e-smoking) across Victoria.

Smoking will be banned in the following areas:

 In outdoor areas at hospitality and food venues during the times food is available

 In all outdoor areas at food fairs

 Within 10 metres of a food stall or food vendor at an organised outdoor event.

Council would like to work with all local business and the public to ensure people are made aware of the changes and of their obligations to comply.

As of 1 August, all venues will need to display ‘no smoking’ signage to indicate smoke-free areas.

However, snacks can be consumed in outdoor drinking areas where smoking is permitted (snacks must be pre-packaged, shelf stable food e.g. potato crisps).

Mayor Amanda McClaren said it was important business owners had a clear understanding of the reform requirements relating to their business.

"Failing to comply (with the new legislation) could mean people facing on-the-spot fines for not only the business owner but also any person smoking in the restricted area," she said.

"By keeping the Shire’s outdoor dining areas smoke-free, we protect the community from second-hand smoke, support people in quitting smoking and improves everyone’s outdoor dining experience."

Council has written to all food venue owners currently operating in the Strathbogie Shire, with the State Government providing relevant signage and information packs about the legislation.

If you require further information on the new tobacco reform, please visit or call the Tobacco Information Line on 1300 136 775.

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Bluestone pavers commemorate Shire's VC recipients

Thursday, 20 July, 2017

Three bluestone pavers were installed at the Travellers Rest on Kirkland Avenue last week, in honour of the Strathbogie Shire’s Victoria Cross Recipients.

The pavers are part of a State Government initiative, in conjunction with the Victorian Anzac Centenary Committee, to help Victorians connect with their Anzac Centenary stories.

The three pavers, in honour of VCs Lieutenant Leslie Maygar, Corporal Alexander Burton and Lieutenant Frederick Tubb, provide a great opportunity for locals and visitors stopping in Euroa to acknowledge the gallant efforts of these men.

Victoria currently has 32 Victoria Cross recipients, and each town will receive a bluestone paver in their honour.

Euroa is a place of considerable significance as the only area in the entire Commonwealth to be home to three citizens granted the prestigious award.

Visitors to the Travellers Rest are also directed to the opposite end of Kirkland Avenue to the three bronze life-size statues immortalising Maygar, Burton and Tubb at the special tribute at VC Memorial Park.

Dubbed ‘Honouring Our Heroes’, the $300,000 was a five-year project, undertaken by a small group of locals to create a memorial for the three VCs and was officially opened in 2014.

The project was especially significant for the families of the VCs, with both the Burton and Tubb lines continuing in this district today and Maygar’s Hill, just north of Longwood, named in Lt Maygar’s honour.

The statues contain storyboards which give visitors the opportunity to discover their remarkable tales of bravery.

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Which Bin

Wondering what waste belongs in which bin? Click each bin below to download a PDF of acceptable waste.

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