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Australia Day - Strathbogie 2017


Ada McKeachie and Charli Hill

Whilst these two girls are very young, both of them have shown maturity, independence and an amazing amount of initiative in their roles as student representatives on the Junior School Council for 2016 at Strathbogie Campus, Peranbin Primary College.

Over the course of the year, with minimal assistance from staff, they organised and managed fundraising events, supporting causes such as the Children's Medical Research Institute with a Jeans for Genes day and Red Balloon Day for the CFA. However, their work during Literacy and Numeracy Week went above and beyond the call of duty.

Spending much of their own time at home, and during recess and lunch breaks, the girls set up and ran a book stall, giving hand-made bookmarks as an incentive to buy. They ran a raffle to raise funds for the school, and were so proud to have gathered a quite substantial amount of money to contribute to the literacy program at school. Many families and friends made purchases, refusing to receive change rom the girls. This was commented on several times by the girls, who through this, more fully understood how communities care and support each other. These girls have real leadership qualities.

As a result of their successes this year and the heart-warming modelling of citizenship shown by the local community members, I anticipate seeing these girls apply their values and energies to many more philanthropic efforts in the future.



Lucy Broughton

Lucy was the Euroa Secondary College 2015 College Captain and has returned to the college in 2016 as a trainee. In this role, Lucy was nominated for an award as Certificate 3/4 Trainee and Trainee of the Year through The Apprenticeship Factory. Lucy addressed the dawn service in Euroa on Anzac Day in 2015 and was the MC at Euroa Secondary College Debutante Ball in 2016. For a number of years, Lucy has given up her time and expertise as a coach of Net Set Go NEtball on a Wednesday evening in Euroa.


Helen Peters

Helen is a person who has dedicated her time to assisting the Strathbogie community for numerous years.

An inaugural member of the Strathbogie Tableland Action Group, Helen has been the strength behind numerous chairpeople as the Secretary. She has been the main contributor to the Strathbogie Community Emergency Planning Group and well as the Strathbogie Tableland phone book. Also a member of the Strathbogie Golf Club, Rural Women's Group and Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group. She has been an energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated contributor who has without question or favour given herself to our Tableland community.




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